March Movie Madness 2012

Welcome to the voting for March Movie Madness 2012, where you can help choose which flick will win in the battle of Barrymore films! Each round will run for a few days and the pick for your favorite Drew movie will be announced at the end of the month.

Thanks to everyone who played! 50 First Dates was victorious over all the other 15 movies. Be sure to click the bracket to view the results!

11 Comments on “March Movie Madness 2012”

  1. Very cool game but poison ivy and scream !!!! That’s a tough one!!!

    • Yeah we decided the easiest way to put them in random order was alphabetical. Some of the match ups ended up being really hard to choose between!

  2. That was great fun. Pretty easy for me to choose my favourites.. Cant wait for the next round… :)

  3. Where’s Cats Eyes vs Conspiracy of Love?

  4. Round 2…..very hard to choose between Poison Ivy and the Wedding Singer…….but in the end, i went with my heart!

  5. I think 50 FD will be a winner)))

  6. Round 3….getting harder to choose……Ever after is one of my favs, but not doing so well at the moment…..Never been kissed. Best movie ever! :)

  7. Final round.. 50 First Dates V Never Been Kissed. 2 of my very favourites….. so hard to choose between them. Love them both for varying reasons…….but in the end I could only choose one….but its not winning yet…dosent matter…they are both winners in my eyes. “))

    Thanks so much for doing this poll. I had so much fun with it. :) X

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