Drew Barrymore 1982 Magazines

Hola – July 7

People – July 19

Us – July 20

Interview – August

People – August 23

Vanidades – October

Ladies’ Home Journal – December

La Revue du Cinema – December

Sunday – December 5

Family Radio & TV – December 27-January 2

Hot Dog – undated

unknown Japanese magazine

unknown Norwegian magazine

unknown Swedish magazine

miscellaneous pinups

other years | 1983

4 Comments on “Drew Barrymore 1982 Magazines”

  1. Drew came to my farm in the San Francisco Bay area back in 1982 (if I remember correctly) to do a photo shoot for Esprit fashions. She was placed in our fields of yellow squash flowers for the images. Have you ever seen any of these? Just curious.


  2. Hi! Your site is amazing! I really love Drew and she is one of my favorite actresses!
    You have a wonderful site, please, keep on with it!
    just one tip for improve even more your amazing site: Why not including the articles here too (not just the photos)?
    Thanks and keep on!

    • Thanks so much Christine for the compliments and suggestion!

      We don’t include articles in order to save time/space. We like to think that our site can be a somewhat helpful guide to let collectors know what photos are inside of magazines. If there was an easy way to transcribe the articles, we would gladly do it! But for the time being, it’s just too much work. Maybe if the day ever comes when our magazines are finally all up on the site, we’ll start getting around to the articles as well!

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