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April 7th, 2015

Child Actor

Today we’re taking it way back to Drew’s days as a child star with loads of rare photos from the 80s! We’ve put up some great new still photos from Irreconcilable Differences and Firestarter. In addition to those, there are also 8x10s from events and photo shoots taken during her childhood.

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September 24th, 2014

Still More Movie Stills

Some of our favorite items to collect are photos from Drew Barrymore’s many movies. Since we last updated our 8×10 movie photos page, we’ve acquired several more, including some very rare images! Grab some popcorn because today we are sharing 16 new photos of Drew from 10 different films.

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December 18th, 2013

Child Star

Hello Drewbies! We realize it’s been far too long since we’ve updated the site as we’ve both been busy. However, behind the scenes we’ve been compiling quite the backlog of new items in our collections that we can’t wait to share! Recently we’ve acquired dozens of 8×10 photos and today we’re posting the first batch of them. Check out eight rare pictures from Drew’s acting jobs in the 80s, including the Epcot Center Opening Celebration, Firestarter, The Screaming Woman, and Babes in Toyland!

August 13th, 2013

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Try as we might, we just never seem to be able to get all our of Drew Barrymore movie ads up on the site! Today we have added another batch of more than 30 ads for a huge variety of Drew’s movies. The ads come from newspapers and magazines in countries like the US, Australia, Germany, and Finland. There are also some fun flyers, including two Russian double sided ones from Drewseum-pal Yana!

August 27th, 2012

Movie Marketing

Even while our site was offline, we were still adding to our Drew Barrymore collections. Now that we are back in business, you can expect plenty of exciting updates to come! We’re kicking it off with a batch of rare ads for a variety of Drew’s movies, starting with Firestarter all the way up to Big Miracle. Stay tuned because we have plenty more cool new items we’ll be sharing soon!