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February 25th, 2016

Breaking Out the Backstock

Today we’ve added a hodge podge of miscellaneous items that have been collecting dust awaiting their debut on the site! Included are pieces of movie memorabilia for flicks ranging from Bad Girls to Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. We’ve also put up some pieces of those really random items that don’t fit in any particular category. Enjoy taking a trip around the site and finding the new goodies!

Movie Memorabilia
Miscellaneous Items

September 4th, 2014

Playing Cards

Today the site is getting a German infusion with sets of that country’s lobby cards for the movies Bad Girls, Scream, and Duplex! A big thanks goes out to Sascha for donating the Bad Girls and Duplex ones to The Drewseum!

Lobby Cards

August 1st, 2013

Movie Marathon

Lately we seem to be accumulating quite a bit of press materials for a variety of Drew Barrymore’s films, so we’ve put them all together to share with you today. Included are Japanese programs for Irreconcilable Differences and Bad Girls, a very rare 2 sided card featuring reviews of Drew’s performance in Poison Ivy, and press papers for Boys on the Side, Mad Love, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and Duplex. Big thanks to Katie and Desiree for helping us acquire some of these neat items!

June 11th, 2013

Yee Haw!

Lilly Laronette is riding into The Drewseum today in the form of several new pinups and one unidentified feature from 1994 magazines. We also snuck in one other pinup which has a gorgeous outtake from Mark Seliger’s shoot for Us magazine that same year. Giddyup on over to 1994 to check them all out!

August 27th, 2012

Movie Marketing

Even while our site was offline, we were still adding to our Drew Barrymore collections. Now that we are back in business, you can expect plenty of exciting updates to come! We’re kicking it off with a batch of rare ads for a variety of Drew’s movies, starting with Firestarter all the way up to Big Miracle. Stay tuned because we have plenty more cool new items we’ll be sharing soon!