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July 19th, 2017

Magazine Extrava-scan-za, Part 3

Don’t adjust your monitor, you’re not imagining things! We actually have an update of new content in our collections archive! We know it’s been an embarrassingly long time and have accumulated plenty of content that just needed to make its way onto these pages.

We’re kicking things off with another large stash of magazine scans, dating back to Drew’s earlier Hollywood days. There are plenty of foreign and rare goodies for you to feast your eyes upon and there’s more where those came from. Stay tuned as we’ll be digging into the 90s next!

Drew Barrymore 1982 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 1984 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 1986-88 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 1989 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 1990 Magazines

November 15th, 2010

80s Babe

Today we have just a tiny update of tiny Drew, but they’re all rarities you’re sure to enjoy! Included are 2 different magazines (from 1983 & 1989) with photos from the mother/daughter fashion shows that Drew & Jaid used to participate in. We also recently acquired an amazing magazine spread from 1986 with some never-before-seen-by-us photos of the littlest Barrymore on the set of Babes in Toyland!

And just a little heads up – we are diligently working behind the scenes on chapter 2 of the biography and a revamped filmography. Stay tuned!