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July 19th, 2017

Magazine Extrava-scan-za, Part 3

Don’t adjust your monitor, you’re not imagining things! We actually have an update of new content in our collections archive! We know it’s been an embarrassingly long time and have accumulated plenty of content that just needed to make its way onto these pages.

We’re kicking things off with another large stash of magazine scans, dating back to Drew’s earlier Hollywood days. There are plenty of foreign and rare goodies for you to feast your eyes upon and there’s more where those came from. Stay tuned as we’ll be digging into the 90s next!

Drew Barrymore 1982 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 1984 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 1986-88 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 1989 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 1990 Magazines

October 18th, 2013

80s Girl

Today we’ve diving back into the early years of our Drew Barrymore magazine collection with new items from the years 1982, 1983, and 1984! We’ve added scans from 10 different magazines dating back to Drew’s child star years. As always, there are always plenty more magazines on the way. It’s the section of our site that is likely to never be 100% complete! Stay tuned, Drewbies.

September 11th, 2012

Totally 80s

Our goal to have scans of all our of Drew Barrymore magazines up on the site is possibly one we’ll never reach, as we’re constantly finding missed ones in our collections, or adding new ones! Today we’re bulking up our 80s archives with magazine features & pinups from 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, and 1989! Features on Drew from the years 1986-1988 continue to be elusive, but we’re always on the lookout as there must be some hiding out there!

May 20th, 2010

Miscellaneous Magazines

We recently caught a couple older Drew Barrymore magazine features that we’ve missed getting into the archives! Check out the new scans from 1982, 1989, 1992, and 1997!

June 5th, 2009

Turning Japanese

Some great Japanese Drew items have just been imported to The Drewseum! Both were published in 1982, the year Drew Barrymore became a star around the globe thanks to E.T. The first is a rare magazine from that year – unfortunately we won’t know the title of this publication unless someone can provide us with a translation! The second is a wonderful calendar from Roadshow Magazine that we’ve been trying to get our mitts on for years! Drew is the star pictured for January 1983.