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July 21st, 2017

Magazine Extrava-scan-za, Part 4

As promised, we’re continuing to unload tons of the Drew Barrymore magazine scans that we’ve been stockpiling! Today we’re treating your eyes to publications from some fan-favorite years: 1992 through 1995. We hope you enjoy reminiscing over the last of Drew’s “bad girl years”; our next batch will be pieces from the end of the 90s!

Drew Barrymore 1992 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 1993 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 1994 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 1995 Magazines

July 19th, 2017

Magazine Extrava-scan-za, Part 3

Don’t adjust your monitor, you’re not imagining things! We actually have an update of new content in our collections archive! We know it’s been an embarrassingly long time and have accumulated plenty of content that just needed to make its way onto these pages.

We’re kicking things off with another large stash of magazine scans, dating back to Drew’s earlier Hollywood days. There are plenty of foreign and rare goodies for you to feast your eyes upon and there’s more where those came from. Stay tuned as we’ll be digging into the 90s next!

Drew Barrymore 1982 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 1984 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 1986-88 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 1989 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 1990 Magazines

January 18th, 2016

Year in Review

2015 was a year of nonstop activity for Drew as she promoted Barrymore Wines, FLOWER Beauty, Miss You Already, and her book Wildflower! Of course with all of this things came a flurry of press publications. We’ve added the rest of our 2015 magazine collection to the site today, including new favorite The Guardian, which came to us courtesy of Drewseum-pal Katie!

Drew Barrymore 2015 Magazines

August 24th, 2015

Magazine Extrava-scan-za, Part 2

While we’ve continued flipping through our magazines for missed items, we’ve also obtained (and finally split up!) entire collections donated to The Drewseum by Jennie N. and Nadine R. We can’t thank these ladies enough for their contributions – we are talking full boxes of Drew goodies! We hope everyone enjoys all the new additions to some classic ‘bad girl’ Drew years, with so much more still to come!

Drew Barrymore 1992 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 1993 Magazines

August 7th, 2015

Magazine Extrava-scan-za, Part 1

Now that we have every single year represented in our Drew Barrymore magazine archive (yay!), we are going to town with filling in any missing holes. Our scanners have been working overtime and today we’re putting up a few mags that were skipped from more recent years. We’ve also put up last month’s issues of Hamptons and People! Stay tuned as we’re going to attack the 90s next!

Drew Barrymore 2012 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 2013 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 2014 Magazines
Drew Barrymore 2015 Magazines