Top 5 Magazine Covers

Ashley’s Pick – Arena 1994
Anne’s Pick – Jane 1997

Ashley: A lovely outtake from a favorite photoshoot (for The Face) gets my pick here! Classic Ellen Von Unwerth styling and color and adorable kissy-face to boot.
Anne: Jane is one of those covers that I consider classic and must-have in the collector’s sense, but totally unique. She never really looked like that style-wise again and the natural look always gets me!

Ashley’s Pick – Vanity Fair 2003
Anne’s Pick – Rolling Stone 1995

Ashley: Anything long-haired blondie Drew gets my gears going, and Mark Seliger captured her so beautifully in this cover shoot. She looks like a mermaid who washed up on the beach to bask in the sunlight.
Anne: Screams Drew’s 1995 (who doesn’t love this era?) attitude and style of being this cute & petite girl but with a sexy side. The daisies obviously couldn’t be more of a subtly perfect touch!

Ashley’s Pick – Rolling Stone 2000
Anne’s Pick – Boulevard 1997

Ashley: Cannot resist any peek of her butterfly, to start off! Another gorgeous shot of many in the entire shoot by Mark Seliger, dressed in vintage lingere and with a sexy expression that just reels you in.
Anne: Speaking of a collector’s item – this highly sought after newspaper magazine from the UK used an absolutely lovely & irresistably cute outtake from the RS ’95 shoot as its cover. It almost takes a second glance to catch the spiky hairstyle & circus-y outfit thanks to her lovely face in the middle!

Ashley’s Pick – Pop 2008
Anne’s Pick – Bazaar 1996

Ashley: Pop gives me total mid-90s Drew nostalgia with the grunge vibe of the makeup and clothing! She and her cuddly bunny friend are an adorable pair for this unforgettable cover.
Anne: The dark side of me loves the black hair & smokey eyes on this upclose, black & white, and sexy-as-hell cover shot! Always has and always will be a favorite of mine as it makes an impact even in its simplicity.

Ashley’s Pick – Rolling Stone 1995
Anne’s Pick – LA Weekly 2009

Ashley: Yet another wonderful shot by Mark Seliger (can you tell he’s one of my favorite Drew photographers?). She’s wearing one of her most classic expressions, and the daisies in her hair only further emphasizes the happiness & “Drewness” of this cover.
Anne: Honestly, I felt like such a newb choosing a super recent magazine as my #1 choice, but come on! Drew’s badass stance & expression, the natural feel with addition of her furry cloud Flossie by her side, her killer outfit, and I’ve got to say that the black & white processing is what seals the deal.

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