Top 5 On-Screen Loves

Sam Rockwell
Charlie’s Angels & Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

So maybe Sam’s characters didn’t treat Drew’s all that well (one cheated on her numerous times, the other tried to kill her numerous times). But you’ve got to admit that when things were good, the two of them were adorable together. Their chemistry was undeniable when they first laid eyes on each other in both films. Plus we had to make room for a bad boy on this list!

Edward Norton
Everyone Says I Love You

Holden sang and danced his way into Skyler’s heart. Plus he loved her even after she accidentally swallowed the engagement ring he gave her (twice!) and temporarily left him for a convict. Drew & Ed continued a close friendship after filming, which is evident in all of their charming scenes together.

Jimmy Fallon
Fever Pitch

Ben made some big sacrifices for Lindsey in this movie – cleaning up her vomit, taking her parents golfing, and then almost selling his Red Sox tickets. Talk about dedication! Their scenes together are truly some of the cutest in Drew rom-com history. Today they are practically family – Jimmy later went on to marry Drew’s best friend & producing partner Nancy Juvonen!

Luke Wilson
Best Men & Home Fries

Luke has the distinction of being the only fellow on our list whom Drew actually dated in real life. It’s almost impossible to not see their love come through in both films. Even if their on-screen relationships didn’t develop in the most usual of circumstances, their sweet interactions led you to know that it was going to work out for them!

Adam Sandler
The Wedding Singer & 50 First Dates

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise who our number 1 choice is! Adam & Drew have a chemistry together onscreen that simply cannot be beat. Their two collaborations have been some of Drew’s biggest box office hits because audiences just love to see the two of them together! Adam first won her heart as Robbie in 1998 as The Wedding Singer, and then 6 years later, came back to win her over again (and again and again) in 50 First Dates. Their respect and admiration for each other always shines through and they have the ability to make us laugh, swoon, and cry whenever they’re together!

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