Top 5 of 2011

In April, Drew appeared at an event with newly dyed red hair. She hadn’t sported red locks in over 10 years! Although she didn’t hold the color the entire year, it was exciting to see such a different look after years of going between blonde and brunette.

Drew started to be seen with a new fellow early in the year. When she appeared with him at several public events, we knew it was something special. Will Kopelman, an art consultant and son of former Chanel CEO, charmed D all year long and into the next.

The World Food Programme has been Drew’s charity of choice for several years. As a UN Ambassador, she has visited Africa to participate in the Red Cup program first hand, feeding school children with the need for nutrition to focus in school. This year, she announced the planning and construction of a new school in North Kenya. The school will be newly named Akili Barrymore Primary School. She also took part in the opening of a new borehole that keeps young girls usually in charge of fetching water in school by bringing it directly to the village-front.

The Neiman Marcus blog posted teaser photos for their upcoming Art of Fashion campaign and invited visitors to guess the identity of their celebrity model. Only one other actress had ever posed for a campaign with NM. It was soon clear to Drewbies that Drew was the model in the ads. The 16 gorgeous photos by Norman Jean Roy were printed in their catalog and few select magazines.

In the summer, Drew filmed and directed her first music video for the song “Our Deal” by Best Coast. The video starred many young up-and-coming actors including Chloe Moretz and Tyler Posey as the leads. The theme is a West Side Story/Romeo & Juliet-inspired love story with gangs and tragedy. The extended version of the video was 10 minutes long and featured a brief cameo from Drew and the band’s lead Bethany Cosentino as gambling gangsters.

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