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How many dogs does Drew have?

Edit: Sadly on Drew’s August 2010 appearance on Late Show with David Letterman, she shared the news that Flossy had passed away about a month earlier. Drew took some of her ashes to India and spread them in the Ganges river. Soon after, she rescued a new dog named Douglas Fairbanks Barrymore who supposedly shares the same birthday as her! In January 2012, she adopted another adorable rescue whom she named Oliver. And by late 2013, she added a new puppy named Lucy to the family.

Original Response from January 2010:
At the moment, as far as we know Drew only has her lab/chow mix Flossy the wonderdog! She and her brother Templeton were adopted in 1996 at a flea market in Los Angeles. In 1999, Drew adopted another dog named Vivian.

On a 2009 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Drew spoke openly about the recent passings of Templeton and Vivian.

Flossy gained media attention when she alerted Drew and Tom Green to their house fire in 2001. Over the years, Flossy has accompanied Drew to several photo shoots and talk shows, and even performed a simple but adorable ‘playing dead’ trick on David Letterman in 1998.

How many times has Drew been married?

Drew has been married three times.

First was a notoriously brief marriage in March of 1994 to Welsh bar owner Jeremy Thomas, when Drew was only 19 years old. They were married by a female, psychic, private-eye minister at Jeremy’s bar The Room in Hollywood at the spur of the moment. A cover feature in People magazine describes the wedding in detail. It went sour quickly, and later it was rumored that the marriage occured in order for Jeremy to obtain a green card. The official divorce papers list the duration of marriage as 29 days, despite speculation of lengths between 19 days and 3 months.

In 2001, after a very public relationship with comedian Tom Green, and attempts to confuse the media about their marital status, the two made it official in July. They met during the filming of the first Charlie’s Angels film in early 2000. The wedding was held in Malibu, CA with her closest friends Nancy, Mel, Justine, and Jillian in the bridal party. Francis Bean Cobain, Drew’s goddaughter, was the flower girl. Paparazzi photos surfaced afterwards in tabloids worldwide. 5 months after the wedding, Tom filed for divorce based on irreconcilable differences.

In early 2012 after a year of dating, it was announced that Drew was engaged to boyfriend Will Kopelman. They wed on June 2, 2012 in the backyard of Drew’s beautiful Santa Barbara home. She wore a custom-made Chanel dress and was walked down the aisle by Will’s father. Guests (who included Cameron Diaz, Jimmy Fallon, Gucci Westman, and Steven Spielberg) danced to 80s cover band The Spazmatics and drank Barrymore Wines Pinot Grigio at the reception!

Has Drew been estranged from her mother ever since her emancipation?

Drew and her mother Jaid have always had a strained relationship, and since the emancipation, they’ve been in and out of each other’s lives. In the early 90s, things appeared to be going well between the two of them. At the time, they were often photographed together, and Jaid had appearences in 2 of Drew’s films, Guncrazy and Doppelganger.

They didn’t seem to have much contact following this time period. Jaid embarrased Drew twice by posing for Playboy in 1995, a handful of months after Drew had done the same herself, and in 1999 by holding a public auction of some of Drew’s childhood belongings without her consent.

It wasn’t until 2001, while filming Riding in Cars with Boys, that Drew felt it necessary to reconcile with her mother. She had a new perspective of motherhood from working on the film. Jaid even attended her wedding to Tom Green. Since this time, they went in and out of contact with each other. They were together for Jaid’s birthday/Mother’s Day in May 2011 and in the January 2013 issue of Allure magazine, Drew mentioned that they were in each other’s lives to a certain extent.

Is Drew bisexual, or is that a rumor?

In the mid 1990s, Drew said on several occasions, in magazines and TV interviews, that she was bisexual. It seemed to have been an experimental stage; when asked about the statement by Barbara Walters in 1997, she hadn’t been with a woman in a long time.

What inspired Drew to film Whip It?

Drew had been searching for a project to make her directorial debut for some time, and when she came across Whip It, personally connected to the idea of a young girl looking for her place in life. As a teen herself, she had struggled with “finding her tribe”. She also strongly related to the mother/daughter relationship and the theme of being your own hero.

When will she do a movie again in New York?

We don’t know of any future plans of filming there. Most recently she filmed Going the Distance in the city over the summer of 2009.

Other Drew movies filmed in New York include Everyone Says I Love You, Wishful Thinking, Duplex, & Music and Lyrics.

Does Drew have a favorite film?

As a lover of film, Drew has made mention of many movies she adores, but the most consistent has always been Annie Hall. Her character in Fever Pitch even lists it as her favorite movie. Drew has often said that getting to work with the film’s director Woody Allen on Everyone Says I Love You was one of the greatest gifts she’s ever received.

How many tattoos does Drew have?

Currently Drew has a total of nine tattoos. Her first (which she got somewhere around the age of 13) is a bouquet of flowers on the front of her left hip. By the time she was 17, she had acquired four more. She got a cross wrapped in ivy & roses near her right ankle, and she felt it was a sign when she first read the script for Poison Ivy and the title character had the same tattoo. She and a friend got friendship tattoos; Drew’s is a crescent moon on her right big toe.

On her lower back are two more. The first is on the right side and is a group of three cherubs holding a cross bearing her mother’s name. There is also another cherub in the middle holding a banner with the name James (for ex-boyfriend Jamie Walters). In late 1994 she got her famous butterfly underneath her belly button.

Then after 15 years without any new tats, a simple bird appeared on the inside of her right arm in May 2009. At the August 2010 London premiere of Going the Distance, Drew wore the word “BREATHE” on her left forearm in temporary ink. The writing was done by Flower Films staffer Brent Kyle and she worked with him for awhile designing a permanent version. By late February 2011, the new tattoo could be seen on her arm. In March 2016, Drew shared photos on her Instagram of her latest ink addition: the words “Olive and Frankie” on her right wrist in her own handwriting.

What was it like filming Fever Pitch with Jimmy Fallon?

Jimmy and Drew were already on friendly terms before filming due to doing Saturday Night Live three times together, but they formed a long-lasting friendship on the set of Fever Pitch. Also during filming, Drew’s best friend & producing partner Nancy Juvonen began a relationship with Jimmy that eventually led to marriage. Because of this, Drew and Jimmy are like family to each other. In recent years, Drew has been a frequent guest on his talk show Late Night, including making an appearance during his first week on the air.

What year did Drew get her breast reduction?

According to several sources, Drew had the surgery in 1991 when she was 16 years old. Drew developed early on and because of her small frame, her chest made her feel uncomfortable both physically and emotionally. She has said, “I did something that not only helped me in the medical sense but helped me live a normal life.”

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