Drew Barrymore Biography: All Chapters

Drew Blyth Barrymore was born on February 22, 1975 at the Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, CA. Her mother Ildiko Jaid Mako was a struggling actress who also worked side jobs at places like the legendary Troubadour. Her father John Drew Barrymore, Jr. was a member of the illustrious Barrymore acting family. Jaid left Drew’s father before she was born due to his alcohol and drug use and abusive behavior. From birth, Jaid and Drew lived alone in a small West Hollywood duplex. The absence of a father in the home would impact much of Drew’s childhood and adolescence.

Jumping back generations before the Drew we know and love was born, a famous acting family bore the names Drew, Blyth, and Barrymore as their surnames dating all the way back to the 1880s. There is a great history of acting in her family and that was one of the reasons Drew’s mother was attracted to John Drew Barrymore when they first met. Some of the most well-known Barrymores were the 3 siblings Lionel, Ethel, and John Barrymore (aka The Great Profile). Drew’s father was the only son of John, and although he dabbled in acting a bit, he didn’t follow in the family footsteps as closely. Drew always felt connected to the family she’d never met, especially her grandfather.

As an easy going baby with a natural gift in front of the camera, Jaid’s friends often suggested she try to get Drew into acting as well. Jaid was hesitant, but eventually took 11 month old Drew on an audition for a Gainsburger Puppy Food commercial. At the audition, the puppy bit little Drew on the nose. Instead of crying, she burst into laughter and the part was immediately hers.

Jaid continued to resist getting Drew involved in Hollywood until a friend of hers was directing a TV movie called Suddenly, Love and wanted Drew to play the main character’s child. A two year old Drew threw herself into the role, which was actually that of a boy! Around age 4, an eerily aware Drew told her mother that acting was what she wanted to do, even though she knew it would be hard. Jaid listened to her and Drew’s career became the family priority. She went on to a few more bit parts in commercials and the TV movie Bogie, and then made her feature film debut with a small role as William Hurt’s daughter in 1980’s Altered States.

In 1981, Drew auditioned for the part of Carol Anne in Poltergeist. She lost out on the role, but the film’s producer Steven Spielberg asked her to come back to read for his other project, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Drew’s wild imagination and bubbly personality were exactly what they were looking for in the character of the little sister Gertie. Drew landed the part and filming began, which she still considers the best experience of her life. On the set, especially from Steven, Drew found the acceptance she had long been aching for. When the film was released in the summer of 1982, it became the highest grossing movie of all time. Drew became a celebrity literally overnight. Unprepared but excited for this change, she went on a whirlwind publicity tour around the globe, charming everyone wherever she went. She even hosted Saturday Night Live at the tender age of 7, making her the youngest host in the show’s history, a record she holds to this day.

Coming back to reality was a whole other story. At school, her classmates treated her differently due to her new fame and she endured endless teasing. Her mother Jaid decided to give up her own acting career to become Drew’s full time manager. Although Drew was happy to spend more time with her mom, this new role would create confusion and difficulties in their relationship. She also had a few painful and abusive encounters with her father, but that didn’t stop her from constantly seeking his love.

Drew’s next film was Irreconcilable Differences. It was a tense and argument ridden shoot. Afterward she questioned if she wanted to continue making movies (although she would receive a Golden Globe nomination for her performance). When the opportunity arose to star in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s Firestarter, which was one of Drew’s favorite books, her interest in acting was reignited. During filming in North Carolina, she became close friends with her stand-in Jennifer Ward. Drew spent most of the summer with the Wards. She loved having a dad and brother around and feeling like she was part of a family. Having to leave them at the end of the shoot was yet another case of her getting close to people only to then have to be torn away from them. Thankfully, the following summer she would return to film Cat’s Eye, which King tailor made for Drew. At Firestarter‘s wrap party, Drew bet a few crew members that she could down two glasses of champagne. She passed out and Jaid told her to stay away from alcohol, but Drew would continue to seek the thrill she experienced from it.

Back home, school became more and more difficult for Drew. She and Jaid began to go out to parties and clubs several times a week, where she felt confident and like part of the crowd. Comparatively, school was boring and restrictive. The relentless teasing by her classmates (and sometimes teachers) added to the mix only fueled her quest for ways to escape. Drew began smoking cigarettes and easily hid the habit from her mother. The few times Jaid caught her, Drew would be grounded, but then an event would come up, suddenly giving her permission to go out. It was becoming clear to Drew all of the things she could get away with. Drinking, smoking, clubbing, and boys all became ways for Drew to feel older and accepted. And thanks to a friend’s mom, marijuana use was quickly added to the repertoire.

Drew had reached an awkward stage and her career slowed down. Eventually she landed the lead in the TV movie Babes in Toyland, which was filmed in Germany. Being back on a movie set made her feel confident and she didn’t use quite as much. However she had a big blowout with her mom when Jaid would not allow her to travel to Vienna with Rod Stewart’s tour crew. As Drew began to see her mother as an obstacle to her partying, their relationship started to deteriorate. Back home, Drew was enrolled in 6th grade at Cal Prep, a private school which taught classes up to the 12th grade. She instantly fell in with the older students, which meant mobility because they could drive, and easier access to drugs and alcohol.

At the beginning of 1988, Drew and Jaid went to New York so Drew could film See You in the Morning. The distance between them was increased further as Drew spent all of her time off work going to clubs and hanging out with an older crowd, including a serious boyfriend. Drew had been wanting to try cocaine and back in LA at her school’s prom, she finally got the opportunity. Immediately she was hooked. One night that June, Drew was out getting wasted with friends when she decided she didn’t want her mother to be in the house. She called Jaid and demanded she get out. When Drew returned home to find Jaid still there, she went on a rampage. Jaid had finally reached the end of her rope and reached out to a friend whose daughter (one of Drew’s former partying pals) had recently been through rehab. They came over and Drew was taken to the ASAP Treatment Center in Van Nuys.

Drew was extremely resistant to treatment at first, but slowly she started to engross herself into the program. After a few weeks, she left to film Far From Home and was able to remain sober during the shoot. However after returning for only a few short days, a trip to New York was made for an audition and to loop dialog on See You in the Morning. While there, Drew went back to her old ways and when offered some coke, she gave in. Once her sobriety was broken, she didn’t see a reason to stop. Drew and her friend bought more cocaine, stole Jaid’s credit card to use at their disposal, and took a plane to LA with plans to fly to Hawaii the next day. After a coke-fueled shopping spree and car crash, private investigators hired by Jaid caught up with them and took Drew back to ASAP.

Drew went back and forth with her progress in treatment. There were breakthroughs and set backs but this time she really committed to being sober. Issues with her self esteem, absent father, and manager mother were all explored. At the end of the year, she was finally given her discharge date, only to have the story broken in the press by the National Enquirer. Drew was angry but decided the best thing to do was to come forward and tell her story herself, and hoped it would help other young people struggling with similar issues. Once released from rehab, Drew decided to move out of her mom’s house and live with a friend. She worked odd jobs to pay her bills and tried to live a normal life, but things quickly went downhill. She had quietly broken her sobriety twice by smoking pot, and the strain of keeping the secret was too much for her to handle. On the 4th of July 1989, she was alone and deeply depressed. She attempted to reach out to her mom without luck. In a final, desperate cry for help and attention, she slashed her wrist with a kitchen knife and was once again taken back to ASAP.

This time there was no messing around and no leaving for filming. Jaid underwent her own treatment for her co-dependency and inability to have a functioning mother/daughter relationship with Drew. Telling her story had been so cathartic that Drew decided to write her autobiography, Little Girl Lost. Once released from rehab, she lived with her sponsor Jan Dance and her husband David Crosby for 3 months, where she finally had structure and rules. With her life finally back on track, Drew began to focus on her acting despite all of the struggles she would face trying to revitalize her career.

As Drew struggled to support herself, she realized the best thing to do was to emancipate from her parents so that she could be considered a legal adult. The emancipation was granted to her right before her 15th birthday. She continued auditioning while working miscellaneous jobs but in her own words, she was “blacklisted beyond belief”. Casting directors scoffed at her, but that didn’t deter Drew. She was determined to make a comeback. After a few small parts in forgettable films, she finally landed the title role in Poison Ivy. Drew correctly intuited that the movie would help her make the leap from child star to adult actress, due to its mature themes. It also made her a sex symbol and suddenly she was appearing in racy photo shoots for magazines like Interview and Us.

Drew next heavily campaigned for the lead role in Guncrazy. Director Tamra Davis was at first hesitant to cast Drew, but was immediately won over by her after they met. Drew received rave reviews for her performance, as well as her second Golden Globe nomination. Her agent J.J. Harris introduced Drew to one of her other clients, singer and actor Jamie Walters and the two of them fell in love. Although she’d had previous boyfriends (including Corey Feldman and Leland Hayward), this was by far her most serious relationship. Meanwhile, Drew continued to get acting roles. She filmed the sci-fi/horror movie Doppelganger and made a brief foray into television as a regular on the shortlived Aaron Spelling show 2000 Malibu Road. Jamie proposed to Drew when she was 17 and she happily accepted. The wedding never came to be though, and Jamie broke up with Drew while she was in Vancouver filming yet another naughty girl role in The Amy Fisher Story. Drew was completely brokenhearted. She also fell out with her mother around this time and the two of them became estranged.

She found some solace when she was asked to be the new face of Guess. The campaign was a huge success and showcased Drew striking sexy poses in magazines and on billboards worldwide. She then signed on to her friend Tamra Davis’s next project, an all female western called Bad Girls. The production was plagued by endless amounts of trouble, including Tamra being let go as director. Throughout all the chaos, Drew paid close attention to the way producer Lynda Obst handled everything. She was inspired and the first seeds of Flower Films were planted.

Drew shocked the world once again when she married Welsh bar owner Jeremy Thomas in March 1994 at the age of 19. She had only been dating him briefly and the wedding was a completely spur of the moment decision. It would be one of her only regrets in life and later it was revealed that the main purpose of the marriage had been to get Jeremy a green card. She left immediately after the wedding to begin filming on Boys on the Side and divorce papers were filed by Drew after 29 days of marriage.

Around this time, Drew met Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson when she threw up on his shoes outside of a club as a result of food poisoning. Shortly after, she went to Seattle to begin filming Mad Love and their paths crossed yet again. The two of them soon fell in love and became an item. Also in Seattle, Drew met Nancy Juvonen, the sister of one of the movie’s production assistants. Upon returning to Los Angeles, Drew called Nancy and dared her to relocate to start a production company together, along with Drew’s former assistant Kim Greitzer. Flower Films was born, and the business partners spent their time learning everything they could about the industry. The company started small with the laundry room in Drew’s house acting as their first office. Although the early projects they developed (All She Wanted and Like a Lady to name a few) never came to fruition, they were gaining the experience that would prove valuable in the future.

On a personal level, Drew was happier than ever before. Her relationship with Eric flourished and she had finally made peace with her father. With a newfound comfort in her skin and a feeling of freedom, she posed nude for Playboy magazine. She followed that up with a striptease at a New York club and playful desktop dance for longtime crush David Letterman’s birthday that culminated in flashing him. She had a small part in 1995’s summer blockbuster Batman Forever, which was released a few weeks after Mad Love, and modeled for Miu Miu in international print ads. Suddenly Drew was very much in demand, which led to the “biggest gift” she’d ever been given: Woody Allen cast her against type as a good girl in his ensemble film Everyone Says I Love You. She finished out the year in New York filming that and Wishful Thinking. Drew had done so much living and made so many accomplishments, all before even celebrating her 21st birthday!

After completing Wishful Thinking and Everyone Says I Love You for Miramax, Bob Weinstein presented another project to Drew: the horror film Scream. Drew loved the script and signed on to play the lead. Her involvement persuaded Wes Craven to attach himself as director. Before filming began, Drew decided it might be more fun and interesting to play the victim in the film’s chilling opening scene and yet still promote the film as if she was starring in it. It was a savvy decision as her scene instantly became iconic and unforgettable, and the film’s huge success further proved that she could be a bankable star.

Personally Drew encountered a few set backs when business partner Kim Greitzer decided to move on and leave Flower Films in the care of just Drew and Nancy Juvonen. She and Eric Erlandson also amicably parted ways, most likely due to their busy schedules. Perhaps to help fill a void, Drew adopted 2 lab chow puppies from a flea market and named them Flossy and Templeton. She also began working with the Female Health Foundation and continued her involvement with the Wildlife Way Station. She was cast in two small films, Best Men and Home Fries. Her romantic lead in both films was actor Luke Wilson and when they met, it was immediately love at first sight.

Drew and Flower next went after Adam Sandler, who they had long been hoping to collaborate with. Adam had a project called The Wedding Singer that was a perfect fit. The two of them formed a special friendship and their chemistry radiated on screen. It was Drew’s first leading lady role in a romantic comedy and would be another box office blockbuster, officially cementing her back on Hollywood’s A-list. She was able to use her star power to bring the Cinderella story Ever After to the screen in the way she had envisioned. She convinced Angelica Huston to play the part of the stepmother and also snagged The Amy Fisher Story director Andy Tennant. She was insistent her character Danielle not wait to be rescued and instead fight for the things she believed in as a more powerful Cinderella.

After their experiences on Scream, The Wedding Singer, and Ever After, Drew and Nancy finally felt ready to tackle their first official production. They had read the script for Never Been Kissed and fell in love with the story. Drew did double duty by playing the lead role in the film while simultaneously overseeing all of the other facets of the movie. The cast and crew raved about how professional Drew was, while at the same time a complete joy to work for. The filming finished on time and under budget and would go on to gross more than double what it cost to make, proving she and her team had done their homework. Drew’s popularity sky-rocketed and she became a major role model for young girls all over the world.

While 1999 saw Drew earn her first producer credit, it also marked the end of her 3 year relationship with Luke Wilson. As with most of her breakups, they remained friends and would continue working together in future projects. There were also three new additions to her life: a puppy she would name Vivian, a beautiful farm house in the Hollywood hills, and a new assistant in the form of Chris Miller. Chris and Drew instantly clicked and he would be one of the most important people not only to Drew, but to Flower Films as well. At the Never Been Kissed premiere, Drew met The Simpsons creator Matt Groening and his assistant Claudia De La Roca. A few weeks later they approached Flower with an animated Christmas TV special called Olive, the Other Reindeer. On the movie, Drew did her first voiceover work since 1985’s Star Fairies and Flower Films received their second credit. Within the year, she also lent her voice talents to the sci-fi animated film Titan A.E.

Meanwhile, Flower’s most massive undertaking was already in the works: a big-budget revamping of the 1970s television show Charlie’s Angels. Drew and Nancy fought hard to greenlight energetic McG as director on the project, and Drew herself convinced Cameron Diaz to sign on as one of the other angels. The search for the third angel was finally completed when they met Lucy Liu. The three ladies quickly bonded and formed a lifelong friendship, despite the picture the media tried to paint of on-set feuds. Drew also enlisted Tom Green to play a part in the film as she was a big fan of his MTV show. Quickly her admiration turned into love, and their relationship was often played out in the public eye. Drew stood by his side when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and they were soon living together in her house. Shortly before Charlie’s Angels opened, they got engaged. After a difficult shoot, Drew and Nancy were able to breathe a huge sigh of relief when the movie became a gigantic hit all around the world.

As usual, Drew kept busy preparing for her next acting and producing projects. Flower Films turned their attention to a small project that Nancy discovered called Donnie Darko. Flower believed in the film and helped save it from oblivion, with Drew taking a small part as a high school teacher. Meanwhile, Drew filmed the biopic Riding in Cars with Boys. She went through rigorous auditions for the lead role of Beverly. The storyline required her to age from 15-36 on screen and utilize her dramatic skills more heavily than she had in years. Playing the role of a single mom gave Drew a new perspective on what her own mother Jaid had gone through. Drew reached out to her and they began to see each other again, but the reconciliation would be short lived.

In February 2001, misfortune struck when Drew’s house caught on fire. The barks of Flossy allowed Drew and fiance Tom Green to escape unharmed, but she lost many belongings along with her home. Always the optimist, Drew tried to look at the incident as a fresh start and turned her attention to planning her wedding to Tom. The two were married on July 7, 2001 on an oceanside cliff in Malibu with all of their closest friends and family in attendance. Sadly the union would not last much longer than her previous marriage; Tom filed for divorce in December of that same year.

In October, Donnie Darko and Riding in Cars with Boys were released a week apart. The former only received a limited release and barely registered at the box office, but went on to become a widely respected cult classic. Drew’s hard work on Riding in Cars with Boys paid off when her performance was critically very well received. She next began filming another role she had long sought after in George Clooney’s directorial debut Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, opposite her Charlie’s Angels co-star Sam Rockwell. She simultaneously lensed the dark comedy Duplex with Ben Stiller, on which Flower shared producing responsibilities with Ben’s production company. Meanwhile, Drew celebrated the 20th anniversary of E.T., which was re-released in theaters all over the world to commemorate the legacy of the lovable alien. She also purchased a new home in the Hollywood hills with a colorful history that included temporarily housing the members of her favorite band, The Beatles.

Also in 2002, Drew met Fabrizio Moretti, the drummer in the band The Strokes. The two quickly became an item and they remained attached for several years. It wasn’t long before false engagement rumors started circulating. Before the year was over, Drew, Cameron, Lucy, McG, and Flower jumped back into Charlie’s Angels gear as they filmed its big-budget sequel Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Promotion for the film took the angels all around the world and they graced the covers of magazines for months in preparation for the release. Although the wildly fun sequel wasn’t as successful as the first film, it remains an exciting experience for Drew in the action movie genre.

Drew also re-teamed with Adam Sandler for the romantic comedy 50 First Dates which they filmed in Hawaii. Once again, their chemistry worked box office magic and the movie was a gigantic hit. On February 3, 2004, just prior to its release, Drew was finally honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her nearly 30 years in the business. Fab, Nancy, and Chris were all in attendance at the ceremony and Sony Pictures chairman Amy Pascal gave a wonderful speech about Drew’s contribution to the industry over the years. Drew was touched to be in the company of her 5 relatives who also have stars, as well as the proximity to her grandfather’s profile in the cement in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

That same year, Drew decided to educate herself and young people about the voting process through directing the documentary The Best Place to Start. It aired on MTV as part of their Choose or Lose program to encourage youth voting. Shortly following, she and good friend Jimmy Fallon filmed Fever Pitch. During filming, Drew’s father passed away at the age of 72. In the months prior, she had been visiting him in a Santa Monica hospital with Fab by her side. She later spoke about their reconciliation, explaining how she had finally gotten closure and the knowledge that he was proud of her.

The following year, Drew was honored with the Distinguished Decade in Film award at ShoWest and Fever Pitch was released in theaters. A long way from Miu Miu in 1995, she became the face of two other major company’s campaigns. She appeared in ads for Lancome makeup in department stores and magazines through spring and fall, and also starred in commercials for Baskin Robbins ice cream which aired in Korea. The same year, she filmed the Las Vegas gambling drama Lucky You and made a brief appearance in the heartwarming documentary My Date with Drew. The documentary featured a life-long fan of Drew’s jumping through hoops to get a date with the actress. Throughout the year, she was spotted supporting Fab’s band The Strokes at several concerts despite her busy schedule. She also took her first of many trips to Africa at the end of this year, beginning a journey towards what would become her most passionate cause.

The previous year, Drew had quietly gotten involved with the UN’s World Food Programme. In the April 2006 issue of Marie Claire magazine, she shared the story and photos of her recent travels through Africa assisting the WFP with feeding school children. She had been searching for a philanthropic cause she was passionate about and felt like she had finally found her calling with the WFP. Alongside her charity work, she kept herself busy with the release of Curious George, for which she lent her voice talents, and modeling in a stunning set of ads for Missoni’s 2006 spring/summer line. She then headed to New York to film Music and Lyrics with Hugh Grant, which was executive produced by Drew’s Flower Films partner Nancy Juvonen.

At the beginning of 2007, it was announced that Drew and Fabrizio Moretti had ended their nearly 5 year relationship. A newly single Drew appeared ever-positive as she did press for the releases of Music and Lyrics and Lucky You. She was selected by People Magazine as Most Beautiful, and then announced as the latest face of CoverGirl as well as co-creative director for the makeup company. The campaign included magazine ads and TV commercials featuring a fresh and fun Drew. She was also chosen by another major fashion house to be featured in their campaign, this time for Gucci’s jewelry line.

Flower Films began work on their next project, the ensemble piece He’s Just Not That Into You. Many notable names appeared in the movie including Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, and Scarlett Johansson. Drew herself took a small role and began spending time off-screen with another of the film’s stars, Justin Long. Justin and Drew had met years prior via their mutual friend Sam Rockwell and sparks flew between them during filming. Once she wrapped, Drew took on one of her most challenging and exciting roles to date – that of Little Edie Beale in the dramatization of the mother and daughter from the famous documentary Grey Gardens. Drew completely immersed herself in the part and engaged in vocal training and prosthetic makeup to become Edie. Many were skeptical of Drew’s ability to pull it off, but her dedication prevailed.

Although Drew didn’t appear in any on-screen roles in 2008, she went behind the microphone again to voice the title dog in Beverly Hills Chihuahua after being offered the part by her Never Been Kissed director Raja Gosnell. She continued to be active with the WFP and gained publicity for the cause when she personally donated 1 million dollars to the foundation on The Oprah Winfrey Show. On the personal front, she and Justin were reported to have split up after less than a year. However, most of her time that year was spent preparing for her next movie, Whip It. Drew had fallen in love with the coming of age story set in the world of roller derby and realized it was just the project she’d been awaiting for her directorial debut. Besides stepping into the role of director, she also served as producer and had a small part in the film so she could engage in all the training with the other females in the cast. She wrapped up the year by filming a supporting role as Robert De Niro’s daughter in Everybody’s Fine.

2009 was an exciting year of releases for Drew. He’s Just That Into You performed well at the box office, and Grey Gardens aired on HBO to rave reviews, particularly highlighting Drew’s performance. Then, it was announced that Drew and Justin had signed on as the leads in the long-distance relationship romantic comedy Going the Distance. Once again they began to be seen together and it was apparent that they had rekindled their relationship, although neither would admit it to the press. After completing filming, Drew began a national tour promoting the release of Whip It. She visited cities like Boston and Detroit to meet with fans and screen the movie. Although the film didn’t do well in ticket sales, it was well received by both critics and movie-goers. New fans continue to discover and fall in love with the movie to this day.

As expected, Drew began to receive award nominations for her work in Grey Gardens, including an Emmy, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Golden Globe. She lost out on the Emmy to her co-star Jessica Lange, but was chosen as the winner of the latter two. It was a dream come true for Drew, as she had never received such major recognition for her acting. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation also honored her with the GLAAD Vanguard Award. Drew and Justin quietly parted ways, but their close friendship was still evident as they promoted the release of Going the Distance. Within a year after she lost her dogs Templeton and Vivian, she suffered the loss of her “fluffy cloud” Flossy of old age. A new rescue dog named Douglas helped ease the pain. At the end of 2010, she made the trek to Alaska to film Big Miracle, based on the true story of three California blue whales stuck under the ice in the 1980s and the struggle to help break them free. Drew spent the remainder of the year on the set of what was to be her last acting job for some time. Unexpectedly, she would begin to focus on other endeavors in the coming years.

In early 2011, Drew finished up filming Big Miracle in Alaska and returned to LA. Soon after, she was spotted with art dealer Will Kopelman on several occasions. It quickly became clear that the two of the them had become an item, but Drew uncharacteristically kept their relationship quiet. As she had no acting jobs lined up, she focused on a variety of other ventures. In May, she traveled to Africa with the World Food Programme once again. This time she was able to see how the money she donated had financed a borehole for a village’s water supply, as well as construction of a new primary school. Drew continued working behind the camera when she took on directing duties for a music video for the band Best Coast’s song “Our Deal”. More of a short film, the video starred many up and coming young actors portraying dueling gangs and star-crossed lovers in a storyline conceived by Drew herself.

Soon after, Neiman Marcus announced she would be the face of their Art of Fashion campaign. She was only the second actress to ever be chosen to star in the ads, which consisted of a 16 page spread in magazines like Vogue. Meanwhile, Flower Films prepped a reboot of the Charlie’s Angels TV series, but unfortunately it was cancelled after only 7 episodes due to low ratings. However, Drew herself was about to be seen on TV screens. TCM revealed she would co-host the 2012 season of The Essentials with Robert Osborne. The episodes aired over the following year and viewers were able to watch some of the films that greatly influenced Drew and hear her thoughts on them, including movies starring the famous Barrymores who came before her.

Over the holidays, Drew and Will got engaged to be married. Drew positively glowed while promoting the release of Big Miracle and soon it was rumored that she was pregnant. Classy as ever, she declined to publicly comment on it, opting to keep the experience private. She did however confirm that she’d been working on a wine label for the past few years. Bottles of Barrymore Wines Pinot Grigio debuted in restaurants and on store shelves in spring 2012 to much acclaim. She also began to concentrate more on obtaining work as a photographer, something she had been working towards for over a decade. Fashion magazines including Vs and V hired her for editorial work with actresses and musicians, including Rachel McAdams and Mayer Hawthorne. She also was chosen to shoot a special Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign starring Charlotte Gainsbourg.

On June 2, Drew and Will were married in the backyard of her Santa Barbara home. Those closest to her, including Steven Spielberg, Cameron Diaz, and Flower’s Nancy Juvonen and Chris Miller were all in attendance. Will’s family opened their arms to Drew and she felt blessed to be a part of their family. She spent the next few months quietly with her new husband, during which she filmed the 2013 season of The Essentials. On September 26, they welcomed their daughter Olive Barrymore Kopelman into the world. The couple released a statement asking for privacy during the special time in their lives. They kept little Olive out of the public eye for more than 2 months before choosing to release exclusive family photos to People magazine. And before the year was up, Drew announced another little project she’d been cooking up – a cosmetics line called Flower Beauty which hit Walmart stores in early 2013 to much acclaim.

Before long, word began to circulate that she and Adam Sandler were teaming up again. Sure enough, in May the two of them headed to South Africa to begin filming the mixed-family comedy Blended. A few months after filming completed, Drew confirmed that she was pregnant with her second child. In early 2014, Drew released a book of her own photography of heart shaped objects, titled Find It in Everything, which ended up on the New York Times best seller list. On April 22, her and Will’s second daughter Frankie Barrymore Kopelman was born. A mere 3 weeks later, Drew was off on a whirlwind press tour to promote the release of Blended. Soon after, she headed to England to film the upcoming Miss You Already alongside Toni Collette. She has since kept busy promoting Flower Beauty and Barrymore Wines, and is currently working on a book of autobiographical essays entitled Wildflower, scheduled to be released on October 27, 2015.

Even though she’s only 40, Drew Barrymore has experienced more than most people will in their entire lifetime. From child star to troubled teen, from comeback kid to America’s sweetheart, from free spirit to wife and mother – all of her evolutions have formed the incredible woman she continues to prove to be. She is admired for her positivity despite what her past dealt her, and yet her modesty prevails. For someone who has been in the public eye nearly her entire life, her grace and professionalism remain intact. There’s no doubt she’ll continue to grow and share her many talents with the world in the years to come.

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