Site Recognition: Kino Live

German online magazine Kino Live did a cover feature on Drew Barrymore in their 27th issue in 2007. The article featured a sidebar listing the best Drew websites. The Drewseum and many of our affiliates were linked to in this section. Also included was a video of Drew photos and film clips. The video then focused on each of the Drew sites, and after showing screenshots of The Drewseum, they named us the “mein surftipp der woche” or “main site/link of the week”!

Thanks to MarkllosPictures on Youtube for providing the following loose translation:

Now we’re entering “The Drewseum”, the page with the most “drewish” layout. Not only the title is excellent, here the fans work with their heart and lots of ideas. Great categories, info, pictures, video, and all very well animated. Ladies and gentlemen, this is my surftipp of the week.

The video:

The full feature is no longer easily accessible online at their website