Drew Barrymore Encounters: February 4, 2009

Drews birthday giftsWhen we found out that Drew Barrymore was scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show to promote He’s Just Not That Into You, we immediately jumped into action. Thanks to a very generous connection in Drewbie Kristin, we were able to secure VIP tickets to the taping. As it was a rare chance for us to be together in LA and was close to Drew’s birthday, we decided to drop off her gift at Flower Films prior to the show. While driving out, we received a message from the always wonderful Chris Miller letting us know that he would unexpectedly be in the office when we came by!

Hes Just Not That Into You goodiesWhen we buzzed the intercom at Flower, they were expecting us! We sat in the lobby (familiar to us from the Domino magazine feature done on their offices the previous year) until Chris came downstairs, friendly as ever. He loved the gifts and told us that the cute ceramic bird was perfect as birds were her “new thing”. He then stated that Drew was actually upstairs at the moment doing an interview for Elle magazine! He let us know that she wanted to see us but she’d have to wait to say hi at The Tonight Show. As disappointing as that was to find out, Chris showed us the utmost hospitality and we got to spend plenty of time hanging out with him. He gathered some He’s Just Not That Into You promotional items for us, as well as an enormous gift basket that the studio had sent over for him!

Ashley and Anne outside Flower FilmsAfter awhile, Chris had to take a phone call and we bid him goodbye. Even though we hadn’t been able to see Drew, we’d had an incredible visit and were feeling extremely grateful to have spent so much time in the Flower offices, as well as to receive so many goodies from Chris! It was hard to believe that we still had the entire Tonight Show appearance to look forward to! Once we arrived, we met up with our good friend and fellow Drewbie Joalena, and we were all seated on the floor, right in the center. Finally it was time for Drew’s segment! She came onstage looking absolutely beautiful and proceeded to crack everyone up with her hilarious banter and stories.

Drew blowing us kisses on the airDuring the commercial break, Drew and Jay were chatting when suddenly she got a look of realization as though there was something she needed to do. She started scanning the audience and we waved our arms to her. She walked to the edge of the stage and started thanking us for the gifts. Everyone in the audience was going nuts and the band was playing, so we had difficulty hearing her. But it was clear she was being so sweet and appreciative. Once filming resumed, she blew us a kiss and gave a little “hi” our way. When it was time for her to leave, she blew us yet another kiss and crossed her arms over her heart while saying “thank you”. The whole day was yet another experience that made us love Drew even more and which we will forever treasure!

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