Drew Barrymore Encounters: January 22, 2003

Drew Barrymore was appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to promote her new film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. This was the first time we ever saw her in person together (and the first time at all for Ashley) so it was a very special day. In order to ensure that we would get the free tickets to the taping, we came out to Hollywood the night before. Having nowhere to stay or sleep, we spent the night between Dennys, Rite Aid, and Ashley’s car! Not very comfortable, but it was worth it in our minds.

We got to NBC Studios around 5am. It was completely deserted and the box office wasn’t opening until 8! We decided to go get some pink daisies for Drew at a flower stand & just try to waste more time. We got back to the box office around 6 and were surprised to find another Drew fan waiting in line. We all sat on the ground and waited until finally it was ticket time!

Two tickets in hand, we quickly made our way to the front of the studio to where the entrace for the show is located. We were the very first people in line (and the only ones for awhile!) We spent the next several hours writing up cards for Drew & trying to sleep on the cold concrete. There was also an unexpected cameo by a jogging-by Danny Bonaduce!

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY things started to happen. The line had grown behind us and the studio staff was beginning to get everyone prepared. Sadly, when we reached security, we were informed that we would not be able to bring the flowers in for Drew. We were definitely bummed, but nothing could dash our spirits during this thrilling experience!

We made our way into the studio where the show is filmed. We nearly fainted when we saw how tiny the room was! We were seated in the second row, only a few paces away from where Drew would soon be sitting!

The show began taping and the anticipation grew. The commercial break before Drew appeared was agonizingly long! It seemed like the band would never stop playing. But finally, it happened. Jay announced her and there she was, coming out from behind the corner! Her beauty is so much more startling in person and she just simply glowed. We sat there just holding hands and staring in disbelief.

The interview was fantastic & Drew brought along some really cute personal photos to show. It was so surreal to watch an appearance that we would usually only see through a tv screen. The show went on with more guests and then it was over. We hadn’t done anything to draw attention to ourselves but we really wanted to give Drew the cards.

She walked across the stage in front of us at the end of the taping. We took a chance & yelled out “Drew!” and she stopped to see us holding the cards. “Hi! Do you have a pen?” she asked, thinking we wanted autographs. “No, these are for you!” we told her. She looked surprised and leaned down from the stage, supporting herself on a tub full of mock-guacamole that had been used earlier in the show. Her hand went into a bunch of the green goo & she let out a profanity ;)

We gave her the cards and she gave us her trademark prayer hand pose, saying “Thank you so very kindly ladies!” before exiting.

Afterward, we were on a total high! We picked up the flowers from security and went over to the Flower Films offices to drop them off for her. We told the girl at Flower that we had not been allowed to bring them into the taping and she said she would pass them onto Drew.

It was an amazing day that we will never forget!

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