Drew Barrymore Encounters: January 15, 2014

When we got word that Drew Barrymore would be signing her new photography book Find It in Everything at The Grove in Los Angeles, we immediately made plans to attend! Thanks to a lovely lady in charge of the event at Barnes & Noble, we were able to secure 3 wristbands (including one for the third piece of our Drewbie-trio, our great friend Joalena) that placed us in one of the first groups of attendees.

We had a gift for her (a framed photo of her parents taken when Jaid would’ve been pregnant with Drew) and were nervous that we may not be able to bring it in. We’d been communicating with Drew’s assistants Tony & Mason throughout the day and we knew they’d gladly take the photo if security didn’t allow us to give it directly to Drew. But fortunately it wasn’t an issue! After a short wait, Drew & co. arrived. Even with her adorable pregnant belly, she was as tiny as ever. We watched her chat with each person in line, taking her time and giving them all her full attention. She was so warm and friendly with everyone. It was especially endearing to watch Drew’s joyful encounters the children in the line – her motherly instincts were so apparent!

When it was finally our turn, Drew immediately greeted us with an enthusiastic “ladies!” She knew that Ashley had flown in for the event and was so appreciative that we all attended. When we presented the gift to her and explained the story behind it, Drew was momentarily speechless and then began to cry. We said we hadn’t meant to make her cry, to which she replied, “I’m pregnant!” while she hid her face behind the frame. She reassured everyone waiting in line behind us that they were “good tears”.

She continued to gaze at the photo, saying her parents looked “so cool” and pointing out her “crazy brother” in the background. She attempted a few times to explain her emotions but then said she didn’t need to sell to us on how much it meant to her – she knew we knew! She mentioned that she was even holding back emotions about it!

As we started to wrap up our visit and she quickly signed our copies of the book, she gazed up at us and said she was taking note of all the hearts we were wearing in honor of the event. As we were saying our goodbyes, she brought up the release of her upcoming movie Blended, stating that she wanted us at the premiere and on the red carpet! She thanked us once again for coming and gave each of our hands a little squeeze. Afterward we chatted with Tony and Mason on the sidelines and they showed us that they had each taken photos of our encounter, which they later sent to us. We feel so fortunate to have had yet another chance to be graced by Drew’s presence. It was really special for us to see Drew pregnant and finally hand over the photo that means more than ever now that she’s a mom herself!

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  1. Oh god. This made ME cry.
    Red carpet? Hell yes.
    Goddddd, this was an especially sweet memory!

  2. I love this!!! So glad you had such an amazing experience!! :)

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