Drew Barrymore Encounters: May 21, 2014

Anne's premiere ticketA couple of weeks before the Blended premiere, we contacted a couple of Drew’s right-hand men to find out what our chances were of securing tickets for the event. Being the awesome guy he is, Chris Miller immediately responded and put the right people in contact to make it happen. Two days before the event, we got an email from Drew’s assistant Mason asking for our full names for the premiere will call list!

Ashley was sadly unable to make it due to scheduling conflicts, but Joalena (best bud of the Drewseum!) and myself (Anne) forwarded our names on to Mason and made our way to the Chinese Theater just after the will call box opened. It was quite a trip to be on the other side of the barricades for the first time! We were excited to see our tickets and after party passes labeled “Drew Barrymore Guest”!

Red carpet arrivals with Terry Crews, Joel McHale, Bella Throne, and Adam Sandler in sight!We stalled as long as we could to enter the theater. We walked toward the red carpet and stood behind the press barricades to watch the red carpet arrivals. We spotted pretty much every actor in the movie except for Drew herself before being ushered into the building. Ashley was on patrol back at home watching for fans to post about Drew’s arrival on social media, and right when she said Drew was arriving was just about the time we were being forced to enter the theater. Right before we headed inside, Joalena caught a quick glimpse of Drew wearing a flowing white dress just behind the red carpet making her way to the fans across the street.

After we were seated with our complimentary popcorn and soda, we started to recognize that many of the guests seated around us were the child actors in the film. We spotted Joel McHale immediately across the aisle from Joalena, and Wendi McLendon-Covey in the row ahead of him. We couldn’t help but hope that Drew would be seated in our section, but we didn’t catch of glimpse of where they sat her before the lights went down.

Chinese theater concessions stand donned with Blended decorBefore the credits had a chance to finish rolling, half of the crowd was out of their seats and exiting the theater! A few minutes into the credits we got up out of our seats but held back to see if we could spot Drew exiting the theater. The lights hadn’t even fully turned on yet but we caught a glimpse of her on the completely opposite side of the theater making her way toward the exit. At one point, she halfway put her hand up like she was waving in our direction, although we could have easily imagined it in our excitement, and by the time we started to wave back she had turned the other direction.

We headed across the street to the after party at the Roosevelt. After a while, we spotted Mason and Drew’s husband Will along with a few of Drew’s crew, but no Drew yet. Then we spotted her, tiny and radiant as ever! We caught Mason’s eye and waved but decided to wait for the crowds of people to talk to Drew before making our way over. Before we had the chance to step forward, Mason ushered Drew in our direction and all we could really hear her saying at this point was, “Where?” and talking about being blinded by the flashes.

Drew with Anne and Joalena, Take 1!When she finally realized who he was gesturing toward, she recognized us and walked right over with arms wide open! Right away I told her how beautiful she looked. We told her how neat it was to be there and how much we loved the movie and seeing her and Adam on screen again. Drew thanked us and said she was so glad we enjoyed it! We pointed out to her that the scene where she sings in the movie (you’ll know the one!) made us cry, and she adorably wrinkled her brow and thanked us. Joalena pointed out to Drew how cool it was to see her playing a mom at this time in her life and Drew pointed out that even though she played a mom in Riding in Cars with Boys, this was totally different.

Drew with Anne and Joalena, Take 2!Of course we had to tell her how bummed Ashley was that she couldn’t be there and Drew said, “I knoow! Send her my love!” Before Drew had to move on to do press interviews, we asked if we could get a photo and she happily obliged and Mason quickly took my phone and snapped a few shots. Right after we took the photos, Drew told me to make sure the photos gets put somewhere “on the site” where she could see it! We both got one more big hug from Drew and thanked her. Before she walked away, I told her how lovely she was and she said, “So are you!” in the way Drew does! As soon as she was out of sight, I gave Ashley all the details and sent her the pictures still shaking from the encounter! Totally kicking ourselves for not congratulating Drew on the birth of her baby girl Frankie only 3 weeks prior.

Chris Miller with Anne and JoalenaA bit later, we found Chris Miller. We chatted with him about how he started working for Drew nearly 16 years ago. He told us that he was interviewed by Drew’s assistant for the job not knowing who it was for until they told him during the interview. Apparently he was hired for the job the day after Drew met with him. No big surprise, he’s awesome! We discussed the whirlwind press tour (which Drew personally asked him to come along for, something he hasn’t been as involved in since Flower Beauty came to be) and how exhausting it was, especially with the added challenge of children. Chris briefly introduced us to a few Face of Flower beauty contest winners and before we parted ways, we snapped a quick photo.

Shortly after, we made our way home in disbelief that we were so lucky to be in Drew’s presence once again. Endless thanks to Mason and Chris for being so cool and making this happen!

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  1. What a wonderful write up! I’m so pleased that the Drewseum were able to attend even though sadly Ashley could not, next time will be the power of three!
    What a great write up, premieres always seem so hectic! Here in the UK they often do an introduction before the movie, was that not the case there? Thank you for sharing this with us. I can’t wait to see Drew and Adam reunite on screen.

  2. Awesome! Big congrats to you both again. Very exciting :)

  3. WOW! What a great story!!! Thank you for all details ;)

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