Update Archives: January-June 2008

27 Jun 2008: Mixed Memorabilia

We’ve added a smattering of random odds & ends tonight. Head to the library to read up on your favorite stars from the early 90s. Then mosey over to the gallery for a peek at a rare Drew candid from the late 80s. And finally end your tour in the land of other stuff, where you’ll find an info card about Miss Barrymore.

23 Jun 2008: Nineteen Ninety-Three’s Company

We’re pleased to announce we’re trudging through our magazine features and are able to unveil a batch from another year! Please enjoy the first slew of photos from mags from 1993.

05 Jun 2008: Picturepalooza, Part 2

We’re rounding out the 8×10 extravaganza with four more press photos from Drew’s films in the mid-90s. Check out these cute pictures of D as Holly, Casey, and Skylar!

02 Jun 2008: Picturepalooza, Part 1

The photo fairy has recently blessed us with several new press shots for various Drew movies throughout her career. We’ve put the first batch up, which includes lobby cards for Cat’s Eye and Bad Girls, as well as 8×10 glossies promoting Irreconcilable Differences and Poison Ivy.

25 May 2008: Cosmetics Cutie

We’ve got another gorgeous Covergirl ad in our collections, as well as a magazine from CVS Pharmacy that has different versions of some of the photos used in the CG campaign. Turn back time 10 years, and you’ll find Drew was involved with another cosmetics line. She worked with Urban Decay to produce a lipstick promoting The Wedding Singer, the proceeds of which went to charity.

24 May 2008: Update!

Hello Drewbies! Just a quick note from your webmistresses to let you know what’s been going on with the site. We’ve been very busy in our personal lives, with Ashley getting married & Anne performing maid of honor duties! Now that everything has settled down, we plan to start updating again on a regular basis very soon. Thank you for bearing with us! Also, due to inactivity and spammers, we’ve made the decision to close the forum. At this time, we don’t have any plans for it to reopen. Stay tuned for some great goodies in the very near future!

17 Apr 2008: DREWblend Makeup

Drew’s pretty face is now popping up on the packaging of Covergirl makeup, like on the Lash Blast mascara we just added. Also flip through your Sunday newspapers and you might find her hiding inside the ads section!

09 Apr 2008: Mementos for Miss Barrymore’s Movies

We’ve cracked open The Drewseum’s photo albums to share two press photos with you – one taken for Babes in Toyland, the other 9 years later for Boys on the Side. And since we’re tossing some movie memorabilia out there, we also added a small advertisement card for a Hong Kong airline that was promoting Music and Lyrics.

06 Apr 2008: Charlie How Your Angels Get Down Like That

We’ve got some new items for you to check out, angel style! There are two new heavenly advertisements and a 15 sticker set to promote the first Charlie’s Angels film. And be sure not to miss the two Japanese programs for Full Throttle!

04 Apr 2008: Spring Cleaning

First things first: our sincere apologies for the lack of updates lately! We’ve both been really busy with things in our personal life, and sadly The Drewseum has gotten dusty as a result. But we’re going to start sweeping away the cobwebs and bring you more content! We’re starting out small: another piece of Covergirl store advertising (thanks CVS!) and a funny novelty Drew drivers license (thanks Shaun!)

19 Mar 2008: Domino Effect

Three new Drew magazine features have already popped up this year. We’re most excited about Domino, which takes a look inside the new offices of Flower Films! A huge thanks to a staff member over at Domino for hooking us up with copies of the mag. It’s slated to hit newsstands on the 25th. Once you get yours, be sure not to flip past the newest Covergirl ad hiding inside!

03 Mar 2008: Fill the Cup

Drew Barrymore appeared on Oprah today and donated one million dollars to the World Food Programme, in order to kick off their Fill the Cup campaign. We encourage everyone who visits The Drewseum to take some time out to learn about this cause, and contribute in any way you can. In 2006 we helped promote the necklace Drew designed, the proceeds of which went to the WFP. And last year we raised $180 in donations for the program. But let’s not allow the giving to stop there!

In tandem with this annoucement, an official Drew site has been lauched at DrewBarrymore.com. We’d love to see some of our long time Drewbie friends joining in posting on the message board over there!

26 Feb 2008: You’ve Got To Just Vogue

Our Drew is once again gracing the cover of Vogue Magazine, so we’ve cut the ribbon for the grand opening of the 2008 magazine section. Twenty years earlier, Drew showed up in a legendary ladies centerfold inside a June 1988 magazine. All of the actresses were featured on a tv special honoring Hollywood (which is available for viewing on youtube).

22 Feb 2008: Birthday Girl

20 Feb 2008: Extra, extra! Read all about it!

We are very excited to have added a Never Been Kissed prop to The Drewseum! This is a newspaper created for onscreen use in the movie and features 3 photos of Drew as Josie Gellar. Enjoy!

12 Feb 2008: Flawless & Bold

You have probably seen Drew’s pretty face decorating the CoverGirl displays in various stores. We’ve added two of the advertising cards for the campaign into our face of fashion section!

03 Feb 2008: Vally’s Valley

Drew has strapped on her skates to deliver Valentines to everyone living in Drewseum Valley! We hope you love the site’s new heart attack look as much as we do.

24 jan 2008: more magazines

we’ve just bulked up a couple more years of magazines! check out some rare additions to 1985 and 1989, as well as the infamous interview magazine from 1992!

15 jan 2008: it takes two

today marks two years since the drewseum had its grand opening and debuted on the computer screens of drewbies around the world. we want to thank everyone who has shown support and interest in that time for our little site. we’ll continue to work hard so the drewseum will grow & improve for years to come!

13 jan 2008: born to be wild

every drewbie knows that drew barrymore has a special bond with and love for animals! so we’ve started a brand new clippings section dedicated to pictures of drew with her dogs and the many other animals she’s been photographed with throughout the years.

05 jan 2008: kiss & makeup

drew continues to shine as the newest easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl in 2 brand new ads and 2 variants of the lashblash ad.

02 jan 2008: tattooed drew in 1992

happy new year, drewbies! we’re starting 2008 by opening up the 1992 magazine stand! enjoy the slew of classic magazine covers & features that popped up during the drew’s big hollywood comeback.