Update Archives: July-December 2007

23 dec 2007: picture perfect

we’ve reached into santa’s sack of presents one last time before christmas and come out with three new 8×10 photos of miss barrymore! enjoy a lovely autographed classic shot & another mad love press photo varient. then check out the real holiday gem: a picture to promote drew’s hosting of a hansel & gretel performance from 11 years ago. a true rarity! if anyone has any more information on this unknown program, please contact us!

17 dec 2007: postcard power

santa stuffed our stockings with angels! enjoy our newly added set of 9 postcards decorated with charlie’s favorite girls.

10 dec 2007: last minute mags

as the year 2007 comes to a close, we’re rounding out our section of magazines from this year with 4 recent additions from february, october, and this month. we can’t wait to see what glossy goodies 2008 will bring to newstands!

04 dec 2007: 80s baby

not many magazine features on miss barrymore exist from the mid-late 1980s. however we’ve compiled three rarities for a 1986, 1987, & 1988 magazine fiesta! hopefully our collections will eventually bulk up with enough material to give each of the years their own page. feel free to contribute anything relevant you might want to part with!

30 nov 2007: walking in a winter wonderland

brrrr! the winter wind has breezed into the drewseum & brought the spirit of christmas with it! snow is glisten’ all over miss drew and her winter wonderland in our new layout. happy holidays drewbies!

29 nov 2007: go for a drive to 1985

we continue to add new years to our magazine features and today we’ve finally opened the doors to 1985! enjoy the flashback!

20 nov 2007: easy, breezy, beautiful

as you already know, our drew is the latest covergirl! her new ad & the mascara she’s hawking have made their way into the drewseum. and miss model doesn’t stop there! she continues to look gorgeous in the latest ad for gucci jewelry!

15 nov 2007: just breathe

the drewseum was paid a visit by our fairy godmother & now we have a bunch of new ever after memorabilia to show for it! included is the dvd autographed by drew that was generously donated back to the drewseum by wfp contest winner angie blagg.

09 nov 2007: say cheese!

the photo fun continues as we add two old & rare 8×10 press pictures to the drewseum.

05 nov 2007: more missing mags

we scanned our collections & found some rare magazine features we left out from the years 1983, 1990, and 1997. also, be sure to check back for a brand new year on the newsstand to be popping up very soon!

22 oct 2007: another ad fad

2 more gorgeous gucci ads have made their way into magazines (november issues of elle & in style) and into the drewseum! and to continue with the advertisement theme, we’ve also put up a rare one for the adventures of con sawyer & hucklemary finn from a 1985 tv guide.

11 oct 2007: now & then

more magazine mania has struck the drewseum! we’ve added 3 more drew mags from this year, and one oldie from 1989 to shake things up a bit.

08 oct 2007: punk’in patch

climb aboard the drewbie hayride and take a trip to our newest layout! fall in love with miss drew & autumn allover in the drewseum’s pretty pumpkin patch!

01 oct 2007: more & more 1984

our ever expanding magazine section just grew to house 5 more mags from 1984, which came out while drew was promoting firestarter and irreconcilable differences.

27 sep 2007: get some action

we’re very excited to showcase the latest addition to the drewseum. check out the actual tee shirt, pants, and boots worn by drew during the rock band scene of charlie’s angels! and if you still hankering for more dylan, we’ve also added some lobby cards featuring the angels in full throttle.

19 sep 2007: this & that

we just have a couple odds & ends we added to the drewseum today. spruce up your outfit with an ever after pin while you sit down to read a drew barrymore bio and then send off a guncrazy postcard!

17 sep 2007: barrymore in ’84

first of all, our most sincere apologies for the unforeseen month-long hiatus! but we are back with plenty of updates to come.

to kick things off, we’ve added a brand new magazine section. feast your eyes on little drew decorating the pages of periodicals in 1984! we also threw in one more tabloid from 1990 as a bonus.

17 aug 2007: guess & gucci goddess

as you probably already know, drew barrymore is the new face of gucci jewelry! we picked up the september issues of instyle & w magazines, which contain the first two ads of the campaign! if you want to further enjoy drew’s gorgeous modeling, check out a new piece of lancome memorabilia, as well as two of the most beautiful & rare guess ads. we believe our collection of guess ads actually printed in magazines is now complete! please contact us if you know otherwise.

our apologies to anyone who has trouble accessing the site this week. our host is having some major unplanned downtime. hopefully things have been fixed & we won’t go down again, but we can’t be sure at this time.

16 aug 2007: you want thingamabobs?

just got a few random items that have newly arrived in our collections. they just happen to all be adorned with photos by the wonderful mark seliger. check out the unique wooden plaque featuring butterfly drew, and 2 press releases from australian rolling stone.

13 aug 2007: drew b. in ’83

with the success of e.t., drew’s little face was plastered all over magazines worldwide the following year. enjoy all the images of baby barrymore that graced the pages of magazines in 1983.

06 aug 2007: snip & clip

as drew barrymore fans, we never get tired of accumulating new magazine pieces featuring her face. whether it’s a stack of themed clippings or new cover features, we’re always up for more magazines!

20 jul 2007: picture paraphernalia

a new shipment of movie memorabilia has been set up in the drewseum! meow your way over to cat’s eye and don’t lose your slipper while running to ever after. then boogie to the tunes of the wedding singer before kicking butt as one of charlie’s angels. after all that action, take it easy on the hawaiian beaches of 50 first dates!

17 jul 2007: photo fiesta

we’ve opened up our photo albums again, this time to share four new 8×10 pictures with all of you. enjoy a rare late 80s candid, a goofy shot from the australian ca:ft press conference, a gorgeous guess ad, and a still from mad love.

our world food program contest is concluded. we raised $180, of which 100% will be donated. thanks to everyone for their contributions! the lucky winners of autographed drew dvds are:
angela blagg, katie sawyer, adrian laborde, noelia pinta, & michelle mastrandrea – congrats!

13 jul 2007: say cheese

we’re honoring drew’s love for being behind the camera with our latest layout shutterbug butterfly. enjoy photos actually taken by miss barrymore in the topper! in addition to a layout update, the drewseum has been recognized as the “main site of the week” by german online entertainment magazine kino live. we’re currently working on getting a translation for the commentary on a video they have posted that mentions the drewseum!

12 jul 2007: good morning charlie!

there’s a ton of angel action coming your way! suit up in a tank top promoting the first charlie’s angels film. then jump over to full throttle to enjoy some neat pieces of australian memorabilia. don’t leave without sneaking over to view 3 photos taken during the ca:ft aussie press conference in june 2003.

reminder! you have only 3 more days to get in your donations for the world food program and be eligible to win 1 of 5 autographed drew barrymore movies! we’ve currently raised $118 – let’s make it at least $150 by the end of the contest.