Updates Archive: January-June 2007

29 jun 2007: quiet on the set!

check out the latest addition to the site: photos we have taken of filming locations for drew’s movies! from e.t. to lucky you, we’ve visited some of the most memorable movie settings!

26 jun 2007: recounted encounter

we’ve finally got the story of another one of our drew barrymore encounters up for reading! this one details the events of december 6, 2005 when we spent time with drew, nancy juvonen, and chris miller at a screening/q&a session for 50 first dates. it’s a little long, so feel free to skip ahead to the good stuff – the pictures!

we’re also working on a new fun section for the site. it will have pictures of us visiting different filming locations for drew’s movies. watch for it to debut soon!

22 jun 2007: a star is born

back in 1982, drew barrymore had her first ever photoshoot for people magazine. jeff bürger was assisting photographer tony costa, and took a polaroid of drew to test the lighting. thanks to jeff, we now have this beautiful & rare original photo in our collection! we’ve also added the pictures that were printed in that issue of people, along with a bunch of other mags from 1982.

18 jun 2007: recent roles

even though music & lyrics and lucky you have come and gone, the memorabilia pertaining to the films keeps pouring in! check out foreign ads, soundtracks, and more.

speaking of things pouring in, we’ve now raised $93 for world food program thanks to generous contributions. keep those donations coming!

15 jun 2007: dressed in guess

if you’re anything like us, you’re always up for more guess ads featuring drew! we’ve added 12 new ones, with only a few to go before we have our entire guess ad collection up for viewing!

don’t forget to get in those donations for the world food program! so far we have raised $68, but we’re still way short of our goal of $150! you’d spend $5 on a 100% authentically autographed drew dvd right? so why not put that money towards a great cause for the chance to win such a prize!

05 jun 2007: donate for dvds!

our contest to raise money for the world food program has been upgraded majorly! thanks to our friends at flower films, the prizes available are now dvds autographed by drew barrymore herself! so donate to her favorite cause and gain entry into a contest for one of drew’s movies, signed by her!

04 jun 2007: take a dive into ninty-five

what collection of drew barrymore magazines from 1995 would be complete without playboy & interview? we’ve finally got the pictures from those classic drew mags up. we also added the uk’s i-d, french photo, and spanish man.

23 may 2007: curious space monkey parade

two of drew’s sweetest costars often come in the form of toys, the wise space monkey et, and the curious little monkey george!

watch out soon for further additions to the wfp prize pot! get your donations in now for a chance to win, and always a guarantee of a good deed done!

11 may 2007: donate like do-gooder drew

drew barrymore visited capital hill yesterday to speak to congress on behalf of the world food programme. her passion for this cause has inspired the drewseum. please participate in our contest for drew clippings that will raise money to be donated to the wfp!

10 may 2007: two-thousand seven, magazine heaven

as a belated congrats to our drew for being chosen as the most beautiful person (like we all didn’t already know that!), we’ve finally put up the photos from that issue of people magazine. plus check out the six other new additions to the 2007 magazine stand!

07 may 2007: more movie merchandise

we’ve got another slew of advertising materials for some of drew’s films. from france comes a program for best men and there’s an ever after program from japan. if you’ve ever been to a suncoast movie store, you’ve definitely seen the giant cardboard picture of drew for never been kissed hanging on the wall; now it’s hanging in the drewseum! and finally enjoy the latest music and lyrics ad, just in time for tomorrow’s dvd release!

30 apr 2007: sophie fisher, don’t ya miss her?

we’re pumped for the upcoming dvd release of music and lyrics, and here’s some items to get you excited too! check out a few asian advertising materials for the film and then boogy on down to the soundtrack!

25 apr 2007: beware this bulk of barrymore

Another landslide of rare movie memorabilia is coming down the hill, headed straight for the drewseum! look out for falling vhs tapes of tv movies! and take cover from paper debris related to irreconcilable differences and donnie darko!

24 apr 2007: lovely lucky drew

the drewseum has taken a trip to sin city in honor of miss barrymore’s latest film release lucky you. place your bets and enjoy the your stay at the strip’s casinos with our latest layout.

17 apr 2007: sunglasses & curly tops

we’ve scanned in another stack of clippings for you! look for some new ones featuring drew in shades as well as some of her hanging out with ex-boy fabrizio moretti. (plus you’ll notice that there are clippings featuring BOTH!)

11 apr 2007: she’s gotta wear shades

we apologize for the long delay between updates, but we’re back with a brand new clippings section! the wonderful katie suggested a theme of drew wearing sunglasses & we loved it. so check out the very beginnings of this soon-to-be-vast category of clippings, sunny daze!

01 apr 2007: gotcha!
our april fools participation. hehe!

30 mar 2007: random ramblings

here’s a quick rundown on the latest pieces archived in the drewseum! a press photo of little drew hanging with mickey mouse & co // a silly movie stars book // flossy as the red sox’s team captain on the 2004 flower films christmas card // drew as one of the hottest stars in hollywood according to people magazine in 1996

and thanks to marty who runs an awesome blog about ephemera. he recently interviewed ashley about her drew collection. read all about it!

29 mar 2007: dive into ’95

we’re just dipping our toes into the vast ocean of drew barrymore magazines from the year 1995. we haven’t even managed to stretch out of the month of june, but luckily there’s plenty of gems from that time! check out the 5 issues currently up and watch out for more where they came from.

and just to keep you posted, we’re working very hard on the drewseum gift shop, the proceeds of which will be donated to the world food program. watch for it’s debut soon, and in the meantime, sign up to post on our brand new message board!

21 mar 2007: rad ads and our funky forum

another batch of movie ads has blown into our collections from overseas! once you’ve checked out those promotional pieces for flicks such as my date with drew & riding in cars with boys, as well as some local american music and lyrics advertisments, why not discuss them?

yes that’s right, we have opened up a message board here at the drewseum! drewbies can get together here to discuss collecting, so get to posting!

thanks to everyone who let us know our forum was having some difficulties. everything should be working fine now! :)

16 mar 2007: blue jean baby

guess what section got bulked up with four more ads? we’ll continue to add the scans of our many guess ads gradually, so stay tuned!

14 mar 2007: been there, done that, have the tshirt

the closet of the drewseum is simply overflowing with drew barrymore related apparel! step in to try on unique home made tees, a hat and top decorated with dylan, and shirts produced to promote e.t., never been kissed, and curious george!

12 mar 2007: another mark on magazine mile

considering we swim in a pretty pool of magazines when it comes to collecting on the daisyhead, we’re slowly tackling the fleet of their inevitable takeover of our site! this time we came up for air at a few spots in the timeline – 10 years ago and then just last year!

08 mar 2007: little girl found

just when we thought we’d been spoiled enough by magazines this year, drew shows up on the cover of glamour! if you haven’t seen the photos inside yet, you’re in for a real treat! prepare yourself for one of the most imaginative and exciting drew shoots in recent years!

07 mar 2007: clippings & covers

if you’re like us, you adore illustrations of miss barrymore, so we’ve added four new drewdles to the magazine clippings section. but if full magazines are more your style, go check out caesar’s player from 2006 and this year’s tatler.

05 mar 2007: magazine mogul

the hinges are creaking as we pull back the lid to the chest containing our 1997 magazine stash! we’ve finally got most of the glossies from that year on display for viewing, with quite a few more to come! enjoy legendary drew photoshoots from magazines like premiere, details, and us!

01 mar 2007: always adding advertisements

we never get tired of acquiring promotional materials for drew’s acting projects, and that includes ads that run in magazines! we recently got some older rarities promoting the tv movies the screaming woman and conspiracy of love. and don’t forget to check out the latest foreign ads for films, like the spanish far from home and german everyone says i love you. and darn if japan didn’t surprise again, this time with their ads for charlie’s angels: full throttle.

we are considering opening a gift shop for charity here at the drewseum. we would offer up our doubles of drew related items for sale and donate the proceeds to drew’s favorite charitable cause, the world food program. please vote in our poll (seen on the right of the home page) to let us know if this would interest you.

26 feb 2007: promo-piece-palooza

we love movie memorabilia, so we’ve got a new batch full of promotional items made for drew’s films. check out a purse for lindsey, popcorn for casey, a memo magnet and a russian postcard set for dylan, and a trading card for sugar!

23 feb 2007: jane says

drew barrymore on the cover of jane magazine, photographed by carter smith … no you haven’t gone back in time to 1997. 10 years later, drew & carter’s camera are making beautiful images together on the pages of jane yet again. check out the whole thing, along with a new newspaper supplement, in the land of 2007 magazines!

22 feb 2007: birthday boogie

for all you night owls who are still celebrating drew’s birthday, we’d like to help you party with a mix tape of drew songs! check out the compilation of drew-related tunes that we put together just for all of you drewbies on her special day.

in related news, we’re happy to announce our music and lyrics contest winners. congratulations! look for your prizes to be sent to you from warner bros!

karen kakanis, tennesee

tamara leonard, north carolina
andrea magsaysay, california

tote bag:
meghan kelly, vermont

adrian laborde, louisiana

19 feb 2007: celebratory scrapbooking

with only 3 days left until drew turns 32, the drewseum wanted to put up a new layout to celebrate! we hope you enjoy the birthday bonanza.

thanks to everyone who entered our music and lyrics contest. we will be announcing the winners shortly!

16 feb 2007: songs and words

check out some new music in the form of a “we are the world” by children record. drew participated in this recording in the early 80s. we’re fresh out of lyrics, but there’s still plenty of words to read. check out a celebrity family tree book chock full of barrymore and the production notes we snagged from the tonight show during drew’s last appearance.

don’t forget, you have only 3 more days to get your entry submitted to us for our music and lyrics contest!

12 feb 2007: supermodel

to make up for our lack of recent updates, we’ve got gobs of our glamourous girl strutting her stuff in ad campaigns. check out 2 new pieces of lancome ephemera and 3 miu miu ads. but don’t leave without peeking at the real gems of this section! a guess journal from 1994 featuring several pages of miss barrymore. plus, the salton sea guess catalogue! arguably the most sought after piece of drew memorabilia, this oversized book is packed cover to cover with dozens of shots and outtakes from her 1993 guess ad campaign.

A huge thanks goes out to our friend Nita for making a collecting dream come true! We’ve added her and a couple other new faces to our thank you section.

01 feb 2007: program pandemonium

why do european and asian countries always seems to create the neatest movie memorabilia? we’ve got some awesome programs from france and japan made to promote scream, the wedding singer, and never been kissed.

27 jan 2007: music and lyrics contest!

have you ever heard a few lyrics in a song & thought “that reminds me of drew”? well now’s your chance to share those lyrics with other drewbies and gain entry into the drewseum’s first ever contest! thanks to warner bros, we will be holding a drawing for some awesome music and lyrics memorabilia! all you have to do is enter your choice of drew-like lyrics now!

23 jan 2007: cover girl

it’s officially promotional season for drew’s new film, music and lyrics!
she’s already graced the covers of two 2007 magazines.
we threw in a couple scans of periodicals from last year as well.

22 jan 2007: beeee gooood

we have yet another batch of e.t. goodies to share! enjoy 2 different toys made in
the likeness of the extra-terrestrial. then scroll down to see not only pictures, but a video
of a musical greeting card playing a very familiar theme song.

19 jan 2007: tiny triple threat

going from naughty drew back to hollywood’s hot tot …
her first major role was of course in e.t. this new tote bag would’ve
been the perfect accessory for gertie to place on the alien during dress up!
her next film was irreconcilable differences. the ad we put up
shows the brodsky family in happier times! and then came the littlest barrymore’s
first starring role – charlie mcgee in firestarter! check out the
illustrated poster before she sets it aflame.

08 jan 2007: bad girls, bad girls, whatcha gonna do?

we’ve got some new advertisements showcasing drew in 3 of her back-to-back
bad girl roles: the seductive psycho in poison ivy, the trouble & lonely
girl from the wrong side of the tracks in guncrazy, and the long island lolita
herself, miss amy fisher.

02 jan 2007: a rendevous with miss drew

have you ever wanted to know more about our drew barrymore encounters?
well we’re now going to bring more details & photos your way. we’re starting with the story of the first
time we ever got to see drew together, on the tonight show in january 2003.
we’ve also created a sitemap to assist you in your navigation of the drewseum.
you can find it residing on the right side of the main page. happy 2007!