Updates Archive: July-December 2006

29 dec 2006: dress up drew

the holidays are coming to an end – do you know what you’re wearing to that big new year’s eve party?
why not take some style tips from miss barrymore? after all, she was the face of guess in 1993.
you could go for lacy glamour in her get-up from batman forever. or what about danielle’s
butterfly gown? if you’re looking for something more casual, there’s always josie’s back to school outfit
(but be prepared to be teased if you’re wearing it!). or if your tastes are simple, sleek, & stunning, we suggest
the dress dylan wears to crash corwin’s party in charlie’s angels. whatever you decide – happy new year!

19 dec 2006: et et et

want to show your love of e.t. to the world?
you can bet that universal came up with a way for you!
you can wear his face on your shirt or neck.
or how about having him & gertie-drew be the holders of your keys? or maybe just
eat a meal using a dining set decorated with the alien & his friends!

14 dec 2006: forgetful lucy

santa popped by a little early this year! apparently lucy
forgot her tee shirt at sea life park.
kris kringle decided to put it under the drewseum’s christmas tree!

11 dec 2006: fa la la la la

we’ve decked the halls a bit more with a couple items to get you in the holiday spirit!
decorate your christmas tree with four et ornaments. then fly over to see
a sweet card from olive, the other reindeer!

07 dec 2006: cozy christmas!

the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful!
welcome to drew’s holiday home! we hope you enjoy walking in this winter wonderland.
can’t you just hear those sleigh bells jingling?

05 dec 2006: our name in print!

yesterday we received copies of the newest issue of french vogue
featuring drew barrymore on 2 different stunning covers! check out the photographies magnifiques on the
newly opened 2006 magazine stand.

and then rub your eyes because believe it or not, the drewseum is mentioned in the article!
we’ve opened a new section to showcase any recognition that this site receives.
so pop on over to see the article snippet.

04 dec 2006: nifty ninety-one

we’re continuing to feed the magazine monster!
this time we’ve thrown in issues from 1991, released right before drew’s big comeback in poison ivy.

02 dec 2006: cruising in automobiles with guys

ride along with bev to view seven new additions to lobby card land!

20 nov 2006: giddy for guess

13 years after drew barrymore was the face of guess jeans,
we are still being surprised by what’s turning up from that campaign!
we’re very excited to be able to share with you some rare ads
that were printed in malaysia. some of these were thought by us to never have run
as actual ads in magazines. it’s electrifying discoveries like this
that fuel our collecting fires!

14 nov 2006: nineteen ninety

welcome to the grand opening of a brand new wing of the endless magazine library!
follow the drewy-decimal system to 1990 and check out six “little girl lost” era perdiodicals.

11 nov 2006: famous profiles & designer fashions

click to see our collections & you’ll find a brand new navigation bar!
newly opened sections include one devoted to drew’s famous family as well as
a page full of all things related to drew’s fashion ad modeling!

10 nov 2006: yards of cards

one of our favorite things to have in our collections are all types of ephemera!
when it comes in the card-form, we’re coo-coo for them! we’ll take anything from old-time tobacco cards
featuring drew’s famous family to flyers for parties to postcards.

07 nov 2006: the hills are alive…

…with the sound of drew-sic! fly free through our fresh & floral new layout!
what a perfect way to celebrate our own anne’s 22nd birthday! and if you’d like to affiliate
with the drewseum, feel free to grab one of our new linking buttons.

25 oct 2006: hollywood’s hot tot

we all know little drew was the toast of the town in the 80s.
check her out attending events galore in the latest 4×6 photos added to our collection.

18 oct 2006: pins & poker

3 petite promotional pieces have found their way into our collections.
adorn your clothes with pins displaying dylan’s car wash & drew’s v cover.
then if you’re feeling lucky, why not play a hand of poker?

16 oct 2006: little girl lost in the limelight

in 1989, drew bravely shared the story of her now infamous struggle with alcohol & drugs during her youth.
of course there was a slew of media coverage on the subject. check out the photos that appeared in some magazines during that time.

09 oct 2006: guess who’s turning japanese?

you didn’t think we were done putting up guess ads did you? we’ve only just begun
and now there are 7 new examples of drew modeling for the clothing company!
and if you’re loving seeing a blonde miss barrymore looking gorgeous for the camera,
pop over to the newly opened 2003 magazine stand for a peek at a rare asian-inspired shoot!

plus we’ve got a chilling challenge for you. how many “easter(halloween?)eggs” can you find above in drew’s haunted house?

06 oct 2006: happy hysterial haunted halloween!

uh-oh! drew has gone psycho & turned the drewseum into a creepfest!
she’s invited all of her spooky friends to join her in haunting our layout for the month of october!

[see this layout here!]

we’d also like to send some quick thank you’s out! first to chris for thoughtfully
contributing the latest additions to our collections. and also to aaron
for taking such an interest in the drewseum & interviewing
each of us for a feature on his site!

04 oct 2006: tiny tot to pretty pinup

young drew got some memorable jobs in the 80’s, most notably e.t. & firestarter.
she also did voiceover work for the rare cartoon star fairies.
then 10 years later, miss barrymore had grown up & strutted her sexy stuff for photographer david lachapelle!

02 oct 2006: by george, how bazaar!

the 1996 magazine section just bulked up a bit!
so check out drew mugging as marilyn and then putting on her best silent film star face.

29 sep 2006: i scream, you scream

it’s officially fall & that means halloween is just around the corner!
to get you in the spooky-mood, we’ve put up a box for the demo vhs version of scream.
and the shrieks don’t stop there! our neglected magazine section finally has 2 new additions.
check out drew decked out as the doomed casey becker on some covers from 1996!

19 sep 2006: performance publicity

charlie, josie, bev, nancy, and lucy

are trying to get you to watch their movies with these rare promotional ads!

14 sep 2006: postcards & press photos

donnie darko & drew’s recent v magazine cover are now here in postcard form,
ready to be scrawled on, stamped, & sent off!
we’ve also put up 3 new black & white sally photos,
straight from the home fries press kit!

07 sep 2006: miscellaneous memorabilia

there’s a mishmash of random new items to check out.
whether it’s a calendar or an autograph, a catalogue or a program page – assorted drew items are sometimes the best!

05 sep 2006: why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

two of drew’s most memorable creature sidekicks are popping up in the drewseum today! flip e.t.’s head to get a pez candy,
or peer into his spaceship viewfinder to see photos from the movie! then time travel over to frank the bunny’s hangout
to hear him say some of his famous lines. and if you’re one of those people who are creeped out by these fellows, fear not!
dylan can provide you with a quick escape on her motorbike!

24 aug 2006: fab & flossy are family

the fulfilling fabrizio fodder seems to be expanding like a delicious cake baking in the oven. but watch out for flossy fighting for first place in the cutest creature in drew’s corner award!

21 aug 2006: always adding ads

feast your peepers on a bunch of new advertisements for drew’s films.
you can journey to toyland, be the best man, and go on a first date,
plus so much more. and then guess what we finally started putting up?
besides those 6 classics, view drew model a bit more for miu miu & lancome.

09 aug 2006: suitable for framing

we’ve got a slew of new photos to add to our albums! check out little drew partying with mickey mouse & co.
then nearly 20 years later, glimpse some exclusive behind the scenes shots of her teaming up with the angels to take out seamus o’grady’s gang.

03 aug 2006: charlie & donnie tread mysteriously

ready for more examples of the foreign countries manufacturing more interesting/collectible advertising? japanese movie programs never cease to amaze us so we got our grips on a couple for charlie’s angels & donnie darko. the latter of the two was lugged around at an event and scribbled on by a bunch of the cast!

p.s. congratulations to our drewbie mother missy on her new baby girl! welcome to drewdom miss sadie rain! :)

22 jul 2006: rainbows & curly tops

cutie casey brodsky only had her stuffed panda bear to cuddle with. but when she grew up,
she got a hot drummer boy to cuddle instead!

08 jul 2006: red sox love to red hot love

lindsey was meek about relationships until she met ben, the wright man. we have your pass
to watch as their story unfolds in the form of lobby cards. play ball!

02 jul 2006: july? oh my!

sta-drew of liberty raises her torch to the united drewbies! cheers to a beautiful independence day! and to all you drewbs outside of the u.s. – spend july 4th on the drewseum and fireworks will be present all the same ;) regardless, when it’s here,

happy 4th of drewly!

[see this layout here!]