Updates Archive: January-June 2006

19 jun 2006: jubilant japanese junk!

any collector knows that foreign items are some of the neatest things to obtain, and these are no exception. this week, charlie, ivy, holly, and julia took a trip to japan with their faces in movie programs, and found their long-lost twins inside of a book. until next time, sayonara!

14 jun 2006: some lobby card luster!

as difficult as these oversized paper lovlies are to store and display, they’re worthy of worship just the same. check out our collections of hoppy holly, crazy casey, and daring danielle!

03 jun 2006: grossie to missoni

josie grossie didn’t have much use for her prom dress after it was egged,
so she was kind enough to let it hang in the drewseum! and just to balance out that severe fashion disaster,
feast your eyes on some much more styling lancome & missoni ads.

24 may 2006: drew’s dreamy drummer

we busted out the scrapbooks & added a new theme section in the clippings category.
we hope you think it’s as fabulous as we do! and don’t fret fab fans,
there are plenty more clippings of the curly-haired cutie to come!

19 may 2006: Darling Vivacious Drew

start off by pouring some popcorn into your alien-decorated bowl & plop down on the couch for a drew film festival! watch as miss barrymore uncovers a screaming woman, plays receptionist for wayne, and goes on a date with an ordinary guy. then see her move in next to a nightmare neighbor, lose her memory, and finally hit a home run! you’ll be all ready for a good night’s sleep post watching these smash hits all day long!

16 may 2006: ceremonial & celebratory union of stars

the day drew received her star, we were lucky enough to be there to share the moment with her. imagine if each of her characters were in the crowd, too. casey r. rocking out to the sound of cheering (music & lyrics provided by us, of course), casey b. running into the masked villian’s impersonator on the street, dylan disguised as a bodyguard, and lindsey on her cellphone during drew’s speech.

01 may 2006: budgy to babe

from cosmic cow to fashion face (x 3!), this time we’re showcasing the works. before her reconciliation, grown up wearing womanly wardrobe, and where she was inbetween.

(reminder: peel your peepers for blue borders!)

21 april 2006: pink&green collared workers

novelizing with a curious monkey, sports teams, and photographers. putting up posters around town with cats, a space monkey, and little girls. screening phone calls with casey but phoning homes for praises of gertie’s graces.

(and to make things a little easier on you, now all of the newest additions are outlined in blue rather than black!)

13 april 2006: bouncing barrymore bunny

hey drewbunnies! join in the drewseum easter festivities. wiggle your nose until you find all the hidden eggs to fill up your baskets!
(let us know where you spy them!)
and look out for your favorite freaky rabbit-friend…

[see this layout here!]

12 april 2006: ad-ness madness, no more sadness

try not to be sad over the fact that we’ve actually had lives lately & have neglected this little land! we are going to make it up to you starting right now, with a big ol’ bunch of new movie ads! just breathe through ever after. go from geek to chic in never been kissed. enter a short order world with home fries. get some action alongside charlie’s angels. rsvp for the wedding singer. and finally do everything wrong but get everything right as you’re riding in cars with boys!

5 apr 2006: smokey the drew

check out the little firestarter & her smokes in the new clippings theme section: hazy little daisy. thanks to missy for once again supplying the genius idea & adorable name.

29 mar 2006: monkeying around

gertie used to hang out with a space monkey, now she has a real
monkey! casey brodsky’s jealousy got the best of her and she tried
to showcase her maturity by hanging a fashion poster in her room.
their babysitter lucy whitmore is an animal lover so it didn’t
bother her, but casey becker was frightened of the gentle creature so always tried to hide her face in a book. the adventurous dylan sanders would play with him, and always come back for more.

23 mar 2006: hard rock hotel, las vegas

18 mar 2006: presenting another pile of pictures

our photo albums still had some dust on them, but we’ve busted out the feather duster to unveil even more hidden treasures! surprises hidden in crevices of every corner of that section, so tread carefully!

16 mar 2006: kiss us, we’re drewish!

a little leprechaun snuck into the drewseum & scattered his magic all about!
soak up the green and then follow the rainbow.
at the end, you may just find a pot of gold!
in fact, we have a hunch that there’s a special golden locket waiting there for you!
don’t forget to purchase one to support drew’s cause of fighting hunger in africa.
and take a peek at the ones that we just added to our collections!

[see this layout here!]

13 mar 2006: marvelous minimalistic movie makeover!

we cleaned out the attic & threw out all the old movie reels. instead we’ve dusted off some scrapbooks and pasted new photos onto the pages! go take a peek at the movie section to see what we mean!

11 mar 2006: the drewey decimal system expands

it’s anne & ashley here, your favorite librarians.
we have tossed even more books onto our carts and shoved them into the appropriate shelves!
walk through the aisles and make your way to the biography, photography, movie related, & random sections.
it’s ok to get excited, but please keep quiet to respect all the other readers in the drewseumiam library!

08 mar 2006: girls on film

we’re breaking out the photo albums again & sharing tons more drew 8x10s with you! see miss barrymore at the youth in film awards in 1982, cannes in 1992, and the charlie’s angels premiere in 2000. & that’s just the beginning! dig a little deeper & you’re sure to find even more goodies.

and then after making your way through all the new movie related photos, check out our girl on a different type of film. we’ve added heaps of her movies on vhs. look out for rarities like the mad love demo tape. there’s now a section for no place to hide & plenty of new additions to hodge podge.

within the next few days we’ll be adding another handful of 8x10s and completing the archives of our current vhs & dvd collections, so make sure to check back!

p.s. the drewish elves are holding back their energy for the next clippings theme adventure – so send your ideas our way!

06 mar 2006: et lives!

hop onto your bicycle & get ready to fly across the moon with e.t.!
gertie & her favorite alien are soaring through nearly every section,
including videos, stickers, & other memorabilia.
hopefully your heart will glow bright red over this stuff!

02 mar 2006: the drewseumiam library

we could no sooner choose a favorite star from the heavens!

01 mar 2006: happy hearty marie claire charity

happy march, drewbies!

we’re just here to remind you to click on the new button to the right of the updates! read all about the charity drew’s involved in through marie claire and learn how to participate.

27 feb 2006: added ads

our favorite little star loves lots of ice in her beverages.

23 feb 2006: glitter-dipped glam girl

we sprinkled some sugar on our fashionable, pixie-haired vixen, and she kissed the air!

22 feb 2006: daisy’s day!



by anne

by ash

20 feb 2006: party planning promenade

so today we tried to call a few old friends over to have a party. randomly dialing numbers from throughout our pretty address book, we didn’t have much luck! lucy whitmore & lindsey meeks both said they were a bit stiff. casey roberts claimed to be feeling like a spliced up, summarized verison of herself, and we all know she’s a bit scattered anyway. gertie was eating lunch at school and looking forward to going home to play atari. karen pomeroy would be busy grading papers. amy fisher & dylan sanders were just being rebels and ignoring our calls.

lilly laronette made it and was in the middle of a game of poker when she felt after this loss she may as well be hung from a string in the winner’s trophy room. we did hang out with john barrymore but our only proof is a trippy photo of him raving under our strobe! ashley’s sister forgot her camera, so when the 1993 guess? girl came by all she could do was paint a picture of the one side of her face she caught a glimpse of under the flashing lights. even though we almost gave up on our little black book, we found another little book between our couch cushions after the party. we’ll make sure to invite all of you next time!

18 feb 2006: danke, drewbies & dozens of delicacies

we cannot begin this update before mentioning the absolute luck we’ve had in the past year with drewbies who have contributed major chunks of their collections to ours! we’ve obtained such vital items and with an ease we could only dream of. for this, a shout out goes to rob brink and brandi reyes (just added!) for their generosity and great spirits.

it seems as though drewdles is the gift that keeps on giving! (don’t miss the hilarious illustration of et’s innocent legend being tainted!) we are in the process of tackling our more classic fashion ads, so there are some tamed butterflies in that cage. the library has charted a few more shining stars in bios & movie related. speaking of movies, have you tried clicking any of the previously unopened sections lately in movie stuff? test your luck tonight and your chances are higher at success! if your gut steers you towards the last section there, i’d say stick with it! save your voice for scream, though, and then use the blessing of a short-term memory to ease the trauma. there’s also a kiss waiting to make the pain all better.

16 feb 2006: refresh for something refreshing!

no need to rub your eyes or adjust your monitors – what you’re seeing is really there! for the one-month anniversary of the drewseum and to celebrate drew’s birthday, we’ve decided to remodel! we hope you enjoy the new fancy-pants look of the place! and since we’re getting so glammed up, pop over to the fashion ads to peek at some new missonis (including a new version of one from last month). lap up the luxury, dolls!

[see this layout here!]

13 feb 2006: decorating with drawn drews & other doodles

today’s big premiere? go take a dip in the newly debuted magazine stand! it’s most definitely a work in progress,
but there’s plenty to oogle in drewdles, a clippings section named & inspired by our dear friend missy.
don’t forget to sniff out some new pieces of movie memorabilia!
(hint, hint! your nose should head towards bad girls, olive, donnie darko, & fever pitch). lastly, there are 2 new tomes on our book shelves!

10 feb 2006: previously promised primping premiere!

although there isn’t as much content to update about, there has been a huge wardrobe change in the movie stuff trailer! many of the sections are under construction, but our crew is lugging the cables and setting up the lights for their drewseum debut! while you’re waiting for that, just poke your head into our library and watch out for the loose pages that are scattered all over the floor! they’re collectibles for goodness sake! two new stars have been added to the cast of our latest masterpiece, “movie ads mania!” – be seduced by amy fisher and then driven out by the insane neighbor in our good friends’ duplex! just hide around the corner on our comfy comments couch below this update and let us know what got you here and what keeps you coming!

07 feb 2006: this site’s bananas!

first of all, thank you to vicki over at drew smiles who offered anne a pass to a curious george screening in hollywood, at which she was able to collect a few new items for the drewseum! make sure you check out not only that new section, but also the fact that the movie stuff is overdosing with content! the majority of the sections have repeats of stuff you’ve already seen in existing sections, but don’t stop there! browse through each movie to find some of our neatest little stuff – nbk temp tattoo, insta-change charlie mcgee button, our pet pup olive’s favorite ride (with accompanying video!), the seemingly impossible fact that e.t. had more babies, and so much more! that section will be getting quite a spiff-job in the next few days as well. postcards, lobby cards, apparel, and books have also been adorned with some fresh flowers and a few classic staples from our collections. we hope you’re having even half as much fun with this project as we are!

05 feb 2006: the great eight & lobby card friends

the 8×10s monster couldn’t resist that midnight snack, so its belly now holds quite a few more movie-related photos. help him digest with your lovely nutrients! he left a dropling in the lobby, so clean that up on your way.


01 feb 2006: february fun!

if you haven’t already taken a gander above this update, check out the new valentine’s themed topper. we’re all vomiting in our mouths a little over it, but it’s worth it! the photos section has gotten somewhat chunkier with several new 8×10s and a few scattered ounces of 4×6s. there’s also a bit to snack on in our new lobby cards section! watch out for the bag of treats in the lobby cards lobby soon! et‘s doing a puzzle, ca:ft‘s grown a speakerbox, and apparel is now wearing a fever pitch tee. save room for dessert because the other stuff section has a bite of cake for you hidden inside the kroq calendar (in our new calendars subsection!, who knew?). keep on coming and we’ll keep on treating!

[see this layout here!]

30 jan 2006: movie stuff premiere / other stuff is here

we’ve once again reached victory in the form of another browsable section (second to last of what was once oopsie galore!), so go get your feet wet in the new additions over at the other stuff pond and dive into the fun over at the movie stuff ocean! there’s so much more underwater to soon come up for air so go drewbilia watching as much as possible so as not to miss any rare breeds of collectibles! the water’s warm, don’t be scared!

29 jan 2006: more photos & other stuff / collection spiffied

you can finally browse through some of our 8×10 photos (although there are many more to come!).
there are 2 new items in other stuff (lancome fold out invitation & animal rescue foundation calendar).
the collections page finally has something fun to look at! check out snapshots of our drew stuff on display.
& lastly we just want to send out a huge yay & thank you to our dear friends missy & james. their drew message board, the grapevine,
has had a huge overhaul & can now be found at thegrapeheads.com

27 jan 2006: photos / other stuff / layout update!

we ditched the tagboard in favor of haloscan comments! we’d love to get your feedback at the end of each update.
there’s a whole truckload of new 4×6 photos, as well as some new other stuff.
look for some guess & lancome items, as well as new barrymorebilia! plus check out the new mini corkboard to the right.
it’s chock full of fun info!

26 jan 2006: thank yous, ads, and books, oh my!

big day at our laptops again today! another handful of additions to movie ads, including cat’s eye, gun crazy, firestarter, and more! make sure to check out the beginning of our books section, which as of now mostly includes just our photography books. you can’t miss that the thank yous have had quite a facelift! and a few previously left out lovelies have been added. keep checking back because there’s so much more to come!

25 jan 2006: tons of updates!

we sure did get busy today! first off, there is finally some actual content in the 4×6 category of photos. you can also check out tons of new (mostly foreign) movie ads, including mad love, everyone says i love you, and far from home. then head on over to view the postcards (studio fan mail reply, guess, & the wedding singer). there’s a couple funny additions to other stuff. and finally, we completed our about us section! have fun exploring the drewseum…

24 jan 2006: new apparel items

there are 2 new additions to the apparel section. the first are the sunglasses that were sold in sunglasses hut to promote charlie’s angels. they were modeled after the ones worn in the film. each angel had her own style; we of course have the dylan ones on the site.

also added is the actual belt worn by drew charlie’s angels: full throttle. she also wore it to the victoria’s secret sexy book party. coincidentally, it is made by miu miu!

21 jan 2006: layout improvements

we made some changes in our layout in order to make your browsing experience as lovely as possible! you’ll now notice that you can scroll the entire page, rather than just the tiny window at the bottom. hopefully that makes it easier to view our content! we tested this in both a mac browser and internet explorer … took many tries before we got it to be compatible to both! if you’re having trouble viewing it, please contact us right away. we are currently working on a more developed collections page, so hang tight!

20 jan 2006: brand new gertie tee

nearly 24 years after the movie’s theatrical release, there are still brand new pieces of e.t. memorabilia popping up! the most recent & thrilling is this tee from urban outfitters, featuring a picture of little gertie & the words “reach for the stars”. check it out in our apparel section. you can currently buy this adorable tee in stores, or through their website for $28.

19 jan 2006: missoni ads / other stuff

good news, drew fans! most of you probably already know that you can now get the first of drew’s missoni ads! this is a pretty exciting thing to experience while it is happening. we always used to say “imagine if we had been fans when the guess ads came out!” 4 of them appear in the february issue of elle magazine (madonna on cover). thanks to our drewbie pal nita for the heads up! you can view their amazing gorgeousness in our fashion ads section.
we also got the other stuff page is up & running! we don’t have too much up yet, but we will continue to update as much as possible. oh & to our grapevine family (you know who you are!), be sure to look at our updated thank you list.

17 jan 2006: new postcards & ads / prettied contacts

added 6 ever after postcards and an charlie’s angels: full throttle cable ad. also, the contacts page has had a makeover!

15 jan 2006: grand opening!

well after months of work, the drewseum is finally up & running. everything you see here was scanned or photographed by us, straight from our combined drew barrymore collections! there are still some sections without any content, but we hope to have that remedied very soon. in fact, none of the sections are 100% completed yet, but we will always post here when something is added. so be sure to watch this space!

if you see any item that you have questions about, please use the contact button & send them to us! we will eventually have a faq section up for that very reason!

enjoy your stay in the drewseum, & be sure to use the tagboard!