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11 Aug 2008: Little Girl Lost & Wild Child

We’ve pumped up the magazine sections for 1989 and 1996 with some great rarities, including some gorgeous outtakes from the 1993 Seventeen photo shoot.

08 Aug 2008: Role Model

Thanks to a headsup from the wonderful Desiree, we’ve recently obtained a set of four Guess ads from Thailand. Check out three variants of more common ads, and one super rarity! We also put up a slightly different version of a Covergirl ad.

04 Aug 2008: Flower & Family

We’ve finally got some new additions to our Flower Films collections! Check out their Christmas card from 2003, and a great photo spread of the staff from the spring issue of V magazine in 2007. We’ve also put up some memorabilia of those other Barrymores in the form of a John pin & an Ethel ad.

29 Jul 2008: Ad-ing On

We added a slew of new foreign movie ads to the site, starting with a couple for Ever After and going through several more movies all the way up to My Date with Drew!

20 Jul 2008: Toyland, Toyland, Little Boy and Girl Land

We’re delighted to have gotten our hands on a set of three great press photos promoting Drew’s 1986 tv movie Babes in Toyland, complete with descriptive papers adhered to the backs!

16 Jul 2008: Never Been Hip, Cool, Sexy

Yikes. Bikes! Some new Never Been Kissed items have been put up, like two unusual trade ads. We also rescanned our postcard set so that each one can be seen more clearly.

14 Jul 2008: ’95 Continues to Thrive

We still haven’t finished putting up our magazines from 1995, but we have bulked up the section by adding some classics from that year like Rolling Stone & Mirabella, as well as some unidentified rarities!

12 Jul 2008: Boys Will Be Boys

Thanks to The Drewseum’s pal Desiree, we now have a new set of lobby cards from Germany for the movie Boys on the Side. We’ve also added a pin to promote Drew’s other “Boys” movie!

08 Jul 2008: barryMore Mags

Just added a couple magazines to a few years from various points in Drew’s career. Pop on over to 1984, 1992, and 2008 to see the newness.

02 Jul 2008: Noteworthy & Red-Letter

We are very excited about the latest acquisition to The Drewseum! We have a rare letter written by Drew’s mother Jaid Barrymore to journalist Radie Harris in 1983. Drew wrote a little note on the back of the card. Enclosed with the letter was a rare promotional 8×10 photo taken for her 1982 Saturday Night Live appearance. Little Drew signed this as well for Radie. It’s a real rarity that we’ve pleased to have in our collection and be able to share with you!

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