Drew News: Dear Drew Pop-Up Shop

Attention all New York Drewbies! Dear Drew has opened their pop-up shop and it definitely looks worth the visit!

According to WWD:

The 2,000-square-foot boutique, which was designed in-house by Barrymore Brands’ design team over the past month, has a nostalgic, timeless feeling, with an oversized mailbox and an inspiration mood board collage in the front window, a sewing machine and vintage typewriter on a writing desk on display. There are three roomy dressing rooms in the back and a cozy living room area, complete with couches upon which to relax and have conversation, while Champagne, water and tea are served. “We really wanted this to be a space you want to hang out in,” said the 42-year-old Barrymore.

She said that generally, she tries on clothing in the privacy of her own home, and she wanted to create that homey atmosphere. “I think trying on clothes can be a raw and horrifying experience,” said Barrymore, who sought to add warmth and old-world charm to the dressing room experience.

photo by Frank Oudeman

The boutique, located near such stores as Reformation, Opening Ceremony and Glossier, has a travel theme. About 85 percent of the furnishings in the store “are my personal stuff from my house,” she said. For example, the day bed came straight from her children’s playroom. The store, which will stay open six months, is inspired by the teams’ travels around the world. “You don’t have to leave home to be worldly,” she said. There are vintage suitcases, globes and hot air balloon wallpaper on display.

The decor has a high-end residential feeling, with French wallpaper featuring exotic animals that corresponds with the dressing room fabric, Moroccan and Kilim layered rugs, and books from Barrymore’s personal collection.

Asked about her expectations for the Dear Drew pop-up, Barrymore said, “My dream is that we can’t keep s–t in stock. We want to sell out.”

photo by Frank Oudeman

The shop is located at 14 Crosby Street in New York. For those of you who are lucky enough to visit, please reach out to us to share photos and stories about your experience!

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