Drew News: Beautycon and Flower Press

Last week, Drew announced that she has been working on launching a large format magazine and then she promoted it at Saturday’s Beautycon!

News of the upcoming magazine, Flower Press, was revealed in a video on Drew’s Instagram account:

Then on Saturday, she headed to Beautycon armed with copies of the preview issue of the publication! The cover featured a self portrait taken by Drew on the set of Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle in 2002. Among the inside features were a “Dear Drew” letter from the editor and a large FLOWER Beauty 2 page ad. Head to flowerpress.com to see more!

Adweek spoke to Drew about what we can expect from the mag!

Adweek: So how did you get the idea to launch a print magazine?
Drew Barrymore: Luca Stoppini, the art director for Italian Vogue for 25 years, and I had a meeting. I dug up this old photo of my 12-year-old bedroom. It was always lined with magazines. I don’t get technology. I can work an iPhone but I’m an analog girl. My camera that I have here is a camera.

Having children and stepping away from a lot of creativity that I have inside and having to put that on pause was really wonderful because I was all-in with my daughters. It’s funny, you think you’ll never be the same person again but then it starts to creep back in but in an even more exciting way.

I’ve always loved working on Flower Beauty, especially having two girls, because it’s beauty, messaging, empowerment, creative and all about girls so that’s been very romantic. I wanted to step away from movies to do different things and have more time to be with my kids. Now I feel like I’m getting back to an old self that is inspired and collected globes and wrote on typewriters. I read the New York Times every day. I’m a paper girl. I can’t do a website or an online magazine. I don’t look at them and I don’t know how to navigate them.

What will Flower Press be?
I simply fail at technology so I’m going analog and I’m going paper. It’s going to be really large format. I love magazines like Egoïste and The Manipulator. I’m going to make something like that.

When will we see the first issue?
I’m hoping the first issue will come out before the end of the year. We’re going to be semi-annual—sounds like a fucking car salesman—but twice a year is what we’re thinking.

There are ads for Flower Beauty in this copy of Flower Press that you’ve been passing out here. Did you write the copy for the ads?
This was all me and my girlfriends. My girlfriends are graphic artists and copywriters. I’m a writer and a photographer. That’s me taking the picture on the cover. I was on the set of Charlie’s Angels.

We’re rebranding ourselves. Everyone thinks you have [to have] a graphics department and a boss and that’s the way you’re supposed to do it. It is about breaking the fucking box. You know, I love sunshine but if I see another image of a palm tree and a sun I’m going to freak out. How about we bring in interpretive lemons, great collaging, colors and then neon spray paint stencil? I think in advertising you’ve got to keep pushing yourself.

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