Find Drew in Barnes & Noble

As many of you already know, last week we were lucky enough to get to attend Drew’s book signing for Find It in Everything! It was another fantastic encounter with her and just happened to fall on the date of our website’s 8th anniversary. What better way to celebrate? We’ve finally put together our story and some photos for you all to enjoy ♥

Drew Barrymore Encounters: January 15, 2014

One Comment on “Find Drew in Barnes & Noble”

  1. Wow, this is such a lovely encounter! I adore her shirt and Drew’s reaction to your amazing gift. You find the most perfect suited items for Drew, things she will cherish for a long time.
    I love that you made her cry “good tears”! Can’t wait to see this book, do you think she will come to the UK in a year’s time or so to promote it if possible?

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