Wedding Venues

The second leg of our Drew Barrymore filming locations tour from last month was comprised solely of places where Drewseum-fave The Wedding Singer was shot! We were lucky enough to get to visit 5 different spots from the movie, including both Robbie & Julia’s houses! We also got to see the bakery where they tried wedding cakes, the parking lot where Sammy did his limo test, and the nightclub alleyway where Glenn pulls up in his DeLorean. Once again, we have to thank Lindsay from I Am Not a Stalker and her pals for finding all of these addresses. Have fun checking out all of our photos from the sites and party like it’s 1985!

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  1. How awesome is that? :D If I could movie travel anywhere in Drew’s films, it would have to be either 50 First Dates or Ever After :) Is the second photo of a house from Never Been Kissed?

    • Hi Cecilia! All of the photos in this post are locations from The Wedding Singer. Be sure to follow the link to see more! We are still planning to visit the NBK house someday, it’s on our list. Anne has been lucky enough to see from 50 First Dates locations in Hawaii, which you can also view right here on the site.

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