Hot Spots

Earlier this month, we spent some time together in LA and hit up several locations where Drew Barrymore had filmed various movies. Today we’re sharing the photos we took at Alverno High School, which appeared as the school in Poison Ivy (which we learned from the wonderful Lindsay at I Am Not a Stalker). Thanks to eagle-eyed Kent from Drew’s Evolution, it was also discovered that the same location was used as a nunnery in No Place to Hide. It was so neat to be there and think about Drew filming two movies in such a short time during her career comeback!

The next day, we headed to the drive-thru restaurant featured in Charlie’s Angels. Unfortunately there is no actual drive-thru, so we weren’t able to pretend to order 3 cheeseburgers, 3 french fries, and 3 cherry pies ;) Stay tuned as we also visited five spots from The Wedding Singer and will be sharing those photos soon!

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  1. Eagle eyed Kent, hehe! Love it! The Coopers mansion & the PI school are big on places I need to see before I kick the can lol. Did you take any photos of yourselves as well standing or sitting where Drew would’ve been?

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