Wigging Out

When we created our massive Drew Barrymore hairstyle timeline two years ago, we floated the idea of one day also creating one for the many wigs Drew has sported over the years. Well that day is finally here! We’ve compiled all of the full and partial wigs we could think of that she’s worn in her personal and professional life. We hope you wig out over the results!

3 Comments on “Wigging Out”

  1. I wouldnt think confessions of a dangerous mind was a wig?!?! How do you know? Is it something obvious Im not seeing lol

    • It is surprising, and we didn’t know for years! Then we got a call sheet with the filming dates for some of the scenes where she has that hair style. This is what her hair actually looked like when the scenes were filmed.

      We think her real hair is in the front with the back being a partial wig (this is also the case with Doppelganger, some scenes in Everyone Says I Love You, and probably Ever After) :)

  2. Wow, my mind was blown with some of the non obvious ones being wigs!

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