Donate for Drew – Round Two

Most of you will remember 2 years ago when we encouraged our visitors to make donations to the World Food Programme in honor of Drew’s birthday. We were then fortunate enough to present a card to Drew with the total amount raised and the names of all those who participated. She was deeply touched by the gesture and we would love to once again collect contributions to her most beloved cause!

Starting now through February 15th, you can make a donation in any amount. Then just let us know about it and you will be included on this year’s card! We do not know that we will have the opportunity to once again hand deliver it to her, but we can guarantee that she will receive it regardless. This is a special chance for all Drewbies to give a unique and meaningful gift to our favorite girl! Find out how you can take part here.

2 Comments on “Donate for Drew – Round Two”

  1. Hi, listen guys, yesterday i donated 50$ to the wfp, but they didnt give any transaction number or anything like that, just “thank you for donating…”, i checked my bank account today, and this transaction still doesnt show because it normally takes about 1-2 days to appear on the site. I know that tomorrow is the last day, and i hope to get my tr. Number tomorrow, and i just want you to know that i have donated this sum to the organisation, and hope that it wont be too late if i send the tr.code tomorrow and have my name included in the list, as well as my donation in the total amount of the present for Drew. Thank you very much for doing this! I really like your site and appreciate you giving us the opportunity to have Drew recieve something from us for her birthday. Thanks!

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