Inundate with 1998

Will the endless parade of Drew Barrymore magazine features from 1998 ever stop? Just when we think we’ve finally gotten them all up on the site, another batch comes our way. Not that we’re complaining, especially when it comes to these goodies! There are loads of rare and beautiful photos to feast your eyes upon in these 7 latest additions!

2 Comments on “Inundate with 1998”

  1. :) the year I fell in love. Saw TWS in theatre & was just… charmed.
    (it was one of those $1 theatres so I saw it months after its initial release)
    on the way home my cousin Jody was talking mad crush levels about
    Drew & we stopped into Blockbuster & rented Mad Love bc he’d seen
    and loved it & thought she was such “a babe” ! I knew of her bc of
    Scream and Ever After (loved both but TWS just…. really cast its spell
    bc of her role as Julia. I remember thinking in the theatre “she is my
    role model” hehe… sweet fun loveable Julia. Then when I looked into
    D it became a whole other love affair bc the real live human being was
    someone I felt such a kinship with. 1998 was a great year!

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