Here Comes the Bride

So many magazines covered Drew Barrymore & Will Kopelman’s wedding this past June, we’re still getting around to sharing them all on the site! Today we have another batch, including a few with some gorgeous & exclusive photos from the special day. So take a peek at the eight new magazines from this year and know that there are still more to come!

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  1. your link isn’t working here, friends :)
    thought I’d bring to your attention.

  2. edit: working now. may just be my wonky computer at the moment ??

  3. I absolutely love the personal touches you guys add to the website. The Top 5 listings are an interesting insight to your interest in Drew. I’m wondering if you guys would do a Top 5 of your all time favorite Drew Barrymore films? or the Top 5 Most Underrated Drew films? Or the most romantic? :-) I’m dying to know! xD

    Best Wishes! – Cecilia

    (I tried using the contact us section but it kept saying it failed to send) ^^;;

    • Hi Cecilia! Thank you so much for the sweet words, support from people like you really means a lot to us! We have been talking about doing another Top 5 sometime soon. Your comment will give us the little push we need! :)

      Also thanks for the heads up about our contact form not working! We had no idea. Did a little work behind the scenes and it should now be functioning properly.

      Take care!

  4. I can’t wait to see your new top listings :-) The Drewseum are the very few fansites I really enjoy and I am a frequent visitor ^__^

    No problem! I hope it works now ^_^

  5. I popped over to see if there was a birth announcement and ended up looking at baby D pics. can’t believe she has her own daughter now, I really believed it’d be a girl. I think of her every now & then this week … she must be so in love with her lil one. A new era is upon us! :) Just thought I’d write that here, lol. xo

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