Film Photo Fiesta

Lately we’ve acquired a huge heaping of Drew Barrymore 8×10 film photos, and we’re sharing them all with you today! Hold onto your hats because some of these are incredibly rare. You can start off with an adorable press photo for the Epcot Center Opening Celebration special that little Drew co-hosted in 1982. Next there are some really neat pictures from the sets of Irreconcilable Differences, Babes in Toyland, & No Place to Hide. Be sure out 2 lesser seen press pics for Far From Home and a lovely color set of Mad Love stills & promo shots. Finish off with a couple more common glossies for Poison Ivy & Home Fries and you’ve completed the tour of our latest and greatest!

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  1. Wow those Far From Home pics are cool and I really love that No Place To Hide on the set pic! Great additions!!! ;)

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