Flower Power

We recently got our mitts on a really neat personal card from Drew Barrymore that was sent to a journalist who is a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press. The card was sent in 2010 as a thank you after Drew was honored by the HFP with a Golden Globe for her performance in Grey Gardens. Just another example of what a considerate & classy lady she is! As it is written on her Flower Films stationary, we popped it into our Flower memorabilia page. While we were updating that, we also put up our scans of the feature on Chris Miller’s home that appeared in the May issue of California Style magazine.

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  1. this update is so cool/ I love the decor in Chris’s place. the Keys look very cool.

    The notecard is so lovely. I keep meaning to send more mail to people and Drew is so kind and gracious! Much like the lovely women behind the Drewseum!

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