Film Buff

Our pile of miscellaneous movie memorabilia is overflowing, so we thought it was time to share all of these beauties with you! We started off with a neat vintage ticket for a screening of Irreconcilable Differences. Then we moved to Drew’s bad girl teen years with a laserdisc copy of Poison Ivy and a Japanese program for Guncrazy.

Jumping ahead to more recent years, we’ve put up a very rare Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle photo flip book as well as the vinyl version of the Whip It soundtrack. And finally we have rental store display cards for He’s Just Not That Into You and Everybody’s Fine. Enjoy the show!

3 Comments on “Film Buff”

  1. Love the Charlie’s Angel’s Flip Book and the Whip it! Record is PINK!!!! So cool!

  2. Hurray for your PI laserdisc!! I must get a copy of the Guncrazy program – so difficult to track a copy. I had no idea the Whip It soundtrack was available on vinyl – neat!!

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