Teen Dream

Have you guys been enjoying the constant stream of new Drew that’s been coming out during all of her promotion for Big Miracle? We’re doing our best to keep up with everything and make sure you’re getting wind of it via our Facebook & Twitter accounts. Today we’re taking a brief break from all that and going back 20+ years to a teenage Drew Barrymore’s appearances in magazines from 1990 and 1992. We also finally snuck in the few mags from last year – better late than never! We hope to continue this trend of sharing magazines on the site. Not only will we post what has already come out in 2012, but we also plan to fill in some of our missing years!

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  1. Awesome update! Glad to see you tracked down a copy of Movieline 1990. Love the Green Section cover! Gotta love early 90s Drew – ahhh ;)

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