See What Develops

As promised, here comes the second half of our big photo addition! This time around, we’re sharing some rare German 4×6 Poison Ivy photos, as well as some great 8×10 press pics for Sketch Artist, 2000 Malibu Road, and Charlie’s Angels!

And heads up, because we will be together this weekend and are planning to broadcast a live video of us recounting all of the best Drew Barrymore moments from 2011! Be sure to stay tuned to our Twitter, Facebook, & Tumblr for more details on what time to tune into our Livestream channel!

4 Comments on “See What Develops”

  1. How very cool. I cannot wait.. And this sunday the 8th January is my birthday, so perfect timing! X

  2. Great update! Nice to see the PI photos up. ;) (although I didn’t see them on the PI movie page)

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