Old Photographs

We are finally back with a real update! This is the first of two batches of 8×10 photos that we have ready to share on the site. In this set, we’ve included 2 darling candids of Drew from the mid-80s. There’s also an autographed photo from later that decade, most likely sent in reply to fan mail. And for something a little different, we’ve also included a very rare photo of Drew’s parents Jaid & John (with her half brother John), which we believe was taken during Jaid’s pregnancy with Drew!

You’ll notice that we de-Christmasfied the site in exchange for a pretty winter look. And in other news, we are just a few fans away from another Facebook contest, so be sure to get over to our page and like it in order to enter! We’ve also started up a page on Tumblr where you can follow us to see a variety of beautiful Drew pictures. We are enjoying expanding our web presence and can’t wait for all the new Drew moments that are just around the corner in 2012!

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