The Art of Fashion

Today we just have a quick little update. We finally put up our scans of Drew Barrymore’s entire spread for Neiman Marcus that was in select copies of the September issue of Vogue. We never get tired of seeing Drew turn it on for the camera like this!

5 Comments on “The Art of Fashion”

  1. They really are soo gorgeous Ash!! If you get a chance check out flickr for some Neiman Marcus goodies I scored…They are breathtaking!!

  2. Did you find the full spread in the Sept issue of Vogue? Because I bought it and got a subscribers issue and it was not in there!

  3. Sorry, that was Vanity Faire.

  4. I couldn’t find this in Vogue. Grrr, I must track down a copy – Congrats!!! :)

    • Yeah it’s really frustrating that it’s only in some copies. Pretty ridiculous actually. It had to be a printing error of some sort. We didn’t find any copies in stores that had it.

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