Budgie’s Belongings

Today we have some really special items to share with you! We’ve obtained 3 pieces from Drew Barrymore’s childhood that were originally sold by her mother Jaid several years ago. Included are her darling ballet slippers (complete with “Drew” written inside each one in Jaid’s handwriting) and tiny black leotard from her dance class days. There’s also a very rare pen Drew handed out during her work with the Just Say No program in the 80s, which bears a preprint of her signature. We are so excited to have such personal items in our collection and to be able to have them in our Drewseum for all those who love her to see!

5 Comments on “Budgie’s Belongings”

  1. May I ask how you obtained these?
    I think it’s really sad that Jaid sold her daughters personal childhood items.
    These items should have been kept with Drew!
    But nontheless, such a great addition for the Drewseum!

    • The auction house she sold them to auctioned off their entire inventory last year. Then a memorabilia store bought them and I haggled with them all this time to finally get them. There were also some really great photos which sadly I missed out on, which Jaid had already shared with magazines & tv specials.

      I feel much better about them being with the Drewseum than some random person. Maybe one day we’ll be able to give them back to Drew.

  2. Yes, I completely agree! The Drewseum is the best place for them. Especially since they will be well taken care of and not for making money on! :-)

  3. Wow! Congrats on these!!! Some really awesome memorabilia!! :)

  4. Those ballet shoes are freaking awesome!

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