Easy Breezy

Thanks to the July issue of Cosmopolitan magazine (and Kent & Misti for tipping us off to it), we’ve added 3 new Drew Barrymore CoverGirl ads to our collection! We also included a new coupon version – always got to check that junkmail for surprise Drew appearances! We’re still in need of 2 other ads printed this year – has anyone been able to determine which magazine this gorgeous new one was printed in?

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  1. OMG, the new one is out. We’ll have to raid the magazine stands :)

  2. Hey A’s!
    Furiously hearting the Drewseum’s lovely new look! xo!

  3. Saw it in People magazine last week. Cant remember what was on the front, but i think murder was in the title, so ima guess something to do with casey anthony. Anyway, I know this is probably useless info now, but I figured I’d let you know

  4. The new ad is in the July issue of Self magazine. It’s also in the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar but the one in Self magazine is better quality – it’s not as see thru as the one in HB.

  5. I admit that I’m always a little jealous when I see a lot of things Drew here. But the site could not be more perfect *-* And Drew as always beautiful in these covergirl’s ads

  6. if yall still need that new ad u were looking for i have one for you out of the new Bazaar with Anne Hathaway on the cover. let me know :)

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