Earth Angel

Our Drew Barrymore biography continues to expand with the addition of chapter five! We talk all about Drew’s career and life from the years 1996-2000. We both became Drew fans during this era, as did so many others. This chapter depicts Drew’s ascent back up the ranks in Hollywood, as well as her first time moving behind the camera. This project has been a lot of fun for us to put together so far and we hope that you’re enjoying it. We plan on completing it before the year’s end!

3 Comments on “Earth Angel”

  1. LOOOOOVE the Scream Behind the Scenes picture! Great round up of a monumental year for Drew!

  2. So I have to be honest, I love these biographies and am always on the look out to see when a new one comes out. As a casual Drew fan, it’s great to learn more about her and her life. :) they’re really interesting and insightful.

    • Hi Alex! It’s so nice of you to leave a comment here, we’re always happy to know people are enjoying what we do. Perfect timing since we just discussed Scream in the bio! :) Thanks for all of your kind words!

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