Hot Set

Way back in February when we went to LA to deliver Drew Barrymore’s birthday gifts, we also staked out a couple of filming locations from two of our favorite Drew films. We got to check out The Cooper family mansion from Poison Ivy & Rosie’s house from The Wedding Singer, and today we’re finally posting the pictures to prove it. Although the houses have been slightly remodeled or changed since filming took place in the 90s, they’re both still highly recognizable. Also both homes are off public streets, so they’re easily accessible. A lot of the Cooper mansion is somewhat shrouded by foliage, but the side garage and balcony are in plain view right next to the street! It was so surreal to be able to visit these spots. We hope you guys enjoy the photos of the locations – we can’t wait to go to even more!

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  1. So awesome to finally see your Poison Ivy location pictures! Love!!! <3

  2. Drew Barrymore rocks. We need help spreading the news. We just visited a kitchen she built in the Nairobi slum of Mathare.

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