Donation Delivery

Today we delivered Drew’s birthday gifts! The full story and photos are coming soon, but we updated our donation page with her reaction to the amount we raised for the WFP. For those who were kind enough to participate in our fundraiser, check out the photos we took!

3 Comments on “Donation Delivery”

  1. Congrats on being able to hand deliver the card & meet Drew again! So awesome of her to pose with the card. I didn’t expect to see my name next to her beautiful face! Haha! Thanks for sharing those pictures. Look forward to hearing more details on your trip. :)

  2. Oh wonderful! Such a joy to see you hand deliver your card and to see that you got to meet Drew again, how brilliant!

    Thank you for taking these photos, so great to see us next to Drew and her appreciation!

  3. PS is she wearing her necklace that was designed for Marie Claire for the WFP? :)

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