Close Encounters of the Drew Kind

If you’ve been following our updates the last 24 hours, here’s what you’ve been waiting for! Check out our story and photos from yesterday’s incredible Drew Barrymore encounter: our most amazing to date!

Thanks again to all the donors for the WFP! It meant so much to Drew.

P.S. A huge chunk of our LA day was spent visiting various Drew-related locations, which we hope to add to the site soon!

8 Comments on “Close Encounters of the Drew Kind”

  1. this is such an amazing story to read, I am so glad that you’ve had such a fantastic experience with Drew. I think Drew must have been elated to see you guys delivering such thoughtful gifts in person! You’re both so kind and pick just the most perfect things, not just the gift itself but the presentation. Wonderful frame to suit that picture!

    Why did you think she may not have the picture herself? was it something she said in an interview when asked about her dogs?
    So exciting to think that this will be hanging in her office and that she will be reminded of your kindness every day!

    • Thank you Katie! It was so amazing, it’s hard to put into words!

      The reason we thought she may not have had the photo is because in 2001 her house burned down, and she lost most of her possessions. :(

  2. Loved reading the details of your awesome trip to LA! So happy for you both!! :)
    Can’t wait to see what places you visited!! I know where I’d be going… lol!

  3. Oh, that house fire, so sad. Did they ever know what caused it? :( Glad she has the photo to keep :)

  4. So cool! I can’t believe she was there at the office!!!!!!! Amazing!!! Are you still in LA?

  5. Ha, silly comment but I love that her hair is two toned as it’s like she’s matching Anne on one side and Ashley on the other! :D

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