To the Nines

You didn’t think our entire collection of Drew Barrymore 1999 magazines was already up on the site did you? Not by a long shot! Today we’re bulking it up seven more of our magazines from the year of Josie Grossie, and there’s still plenty more to come! We need to finish up our 2010 archive as well, and then we’re set to tackle a brand new year!

3 Comments on “To the Nines”

  1. I hadn’t see that picture of Drew with her stunt double from Bad Girls. Very cool! :)

  2. Love it! How many of the years that you’ve already started are still incomplete?

    • Hi Danielle! I’d say for the most part all of our 80s & 90s stuff is up. However for the years after that, I think they’re each missing a few. It’s hard to get everything in there but we’re always working on it!

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