Hot Tot

Just in time for the new year, chapter two of our Drew Barrymore biography is finally up! This chapter spans Drew’s life from ages 6-10, including her sudden rise to fame and beginnings of alcohol and drug use. It’s a fascinating and heartbreaking look at the life of a child star. We hope you enjoy the story and photos we’ve put together!

4 Comments on “Hot Tot”

  1. the scene with the friend’s mom and the pot made my blood boil! I mean, it’d be harmless enough if they were teenagers but they were just kids!

    Will you include Drew’s slow dance with Emilio, swoon, haha. <3

    Fantastic new chapter… amazing how much Drew has gone through.

  2. I love the pictures, can we have an alt tag or a small caption if there is someone else with Drew in the picture, for instance the third picture, is it Drew with her stand in or a double exposure pic of her? Bit confused!

  3. Katie – great suggestion, just added them. That photo you asked about is Jennifer (Drew’s stand-in for Firestarter & Cat’s Eye) and Drew.

  4. I really like how the bio is going. Lovely setup with the pictures and I love how it’s divided up. Really makes me want to update my website but I just don’t have the time anymore. Hopefully someday. Great job so far!! :)

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