Extra Credits

Our filmography page has undergone a complete transformation! Not only have we added in lots of adorable & rare photos, but we’ve also bulked the page up to include all of Drew Barrymore’s acting credits we previously had left out (like tv appearances, music videos, & commercials). We tried to be as complete as possible – if you know of something we may have overlooked, please leave a comment! We hope you enjoy this new way to browse Drew’s extensive credits.

4 Comments on “Extra Credits”

  1. so so so so cool. I love all the pictures! Is it just me or does she look like she has a black eye in the pic with Stephen King?

  2. You two have completely given Drew’s filmography the credit she deserves! This is so Drewseum style too because you guys probably know all this by heart. LOL. I absolutely love the rare photos! Most complete and unique filmography on the web by far!

  3. Thanks so much you guys :) We’ve been working on it for a really long time, haha. So happy to finally have it up.

  4. It looks awesome! Great work!! Love the photos :)

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