Pumpkin Cutie Pie

Eeek! Halloween has descended upon The Drewseum! We hope you like the new spooky spirit of our layout. And as always, keep your eyes peeled for new goodies to come creeping up from our collections.

Also new to the site is a bit of recognition we received from the blog Mayoress. We’re so happy to be spreading the Drew love around!

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  1. Yay, it’s that spooky time of year! I love your new layouts everytime. This is exciting, and I’m even hoping to dress up this year!

  2. Does Drew like dressing up? Has she ever said what she’s dressed up for as Halloween, you should do a little clipping theme? I know acting is dressing etc, but as a fancy dress thing? I saw a clipping of Matt last night where he said once Addison dressed as a red hot chilli pepper and he was a farmer aww, and one where one of the girls dressed as Daphne last year, or the year before!

  3. what a great layout! i’ve seen pics of Drew dressed as a crayon and a pirate but i’m sure there are tons more.

  4. how awesome!
    i love the fall theme & halloween nod awesome!

    KATIE: for sure Drew loves Halloween. i remember a few quotes of her saying Halloween allows you to be the freak you are & that she wishes it came more than once a year so she could wear a mask in public etc. i am CERTAIN ash & anne could provide the complete accurate quotes, but this is a cute lil link:

  5. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your awesome feedback! Drew is a huge fan of Halloween, but unfortunately there isn’t much photographic evidence of that out there! Besides the crayon & devil costumes as a kid, we’ve only seen a few others. Watch for pics from her 2008 Halloween party on our Flickr for the last Friday Find of the month!

    For now, here’s a picture from a Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion. This is our scan of a clipping from the magazine:


    We’re unsure on the year, but I have a theory that this might have been the night she met Justin through Sam Rockwell. Since Cameron & Luke were there, and Lucy is mentioned in the caption, perhaps a bunch of the cast of Charlie’s Angels went to the party, including Sam? Also unsure what the heck her costume is! If it is that night, she gave a vague description of it on George Lopez, something along the lines of “more confident than she normally dresses, with fishnets”, hehe.

    Just did more research and based on other pictures around the clipping, I figured out that it was definitely 2002. So this would’ve been when they were filming Full Throttle!

    Hope all that info helps! :D

  6. Love the layout!! :)

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