Advertising Agency

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve updated the Drew Barrymore movie ads section of the site, so get ready to be flooded with them! We’ve increased our collection with 20 new ads for movies starting with 1995’s Boys on the Side and going all the way up through 2009’s Grey Gardens, with plenty of stops along the way. These additions are originated from magazines, newspapers, & movie theaters from a variety of countries all over the world!

2 Comments on “Advertising Agency”

  1. Very cool additions! I was curious where you put full size newspapers on the site? Like when a huge newspaper ad comes out or when Drew is featured.

  2. Good question, Misti! We really haven’t gotten around to photographing our huge newspaper ads, but we’ll definitely just be grouping them in with other movie ads once we do. I know we both have quite a lot, so maybe that’s something we can try to get done soon!

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